Freelancing & Your Health

Most of my readers are new bloggers or online enthusiast who are coming here to learn something new. New things and ways that will earn him/her some money online.  So- I am taking that many of you are involved in freelancing.  In fact I am a freelancer myself and I believe like me you might have faced the problem to maintain your health.

Busy freelancers get very little time to do exercise or light work that will involve him/her in using his muscles. As a result we are facing many difficulties that is not noticed in the beginning.

For me it came in the way of feeling tiered and getting muscle pain when I stay long on the PC. Recent days I became so weak that I get asleep on my desk twice or thrice in a week. Now that’s awkward. A few years back while I was still playing I maintained a healthy time and felt hungry for foods. But now this seems more radical as I do not feel the hunger but minds always want to have something in the mouth.

This is the imbalance of lifestyle.  So I had to makeover my routine and diet for having a healthy life. This is my advice what you can do to maintain your health as a freelancer.

  1. If you feel week the whole day and can’t concentrate on anything- ensure that you slept at least 6 hours a day continuously.
  2. Try to avoid staying up in the night. This might temper with your body cycle and make you fat. Believe me. Sleeping in the night will burn extra calories of your body.
  3. If your wrist is aching and you have the pain for a long time then reorder your monitor to your face level, mouse and keyboard should be at a distant that you can stretch your mouse hand if you wish.
  4. Level your sitting chair so that you can rest your elbow while working.

I can assure you that there are some good mouse and keyboard that can make you completely comfortable while you work for a long hour.

Get a Hobby

As a freelancer you love your computer, watching movies listing songs, playing games and bla bla …. … .. dude this is all on your PC. Get out of here and do not think of your client or about work all the time. Your PC is your working place and you stay here most of the time. So, get any other entertaining activities you can. Go for a hike, ride a bicycle or do painting, playing guitar etc. just get out of your computer desk.

You shouldn’t choose a hobby that is related to your PC. Without a hobby or alternative entertainment source- it is very possible that you will lose interest in your own work and creativity level will be decreased.


This is already told several times that freelancers have a tendency to grow fat. They stay on sitting position most of the time and eats a lot-this is a fact. We burn a lot of sugar while thinking and brainstorming. So we can eat a lot. But without any fat burning activities this is obvious we will become sloth like and fat.

So a routine exercise is needed for you. Otherwise after 1 or 2 years you can see you are feeling pain in your chest. Even serious occurrence can be happened as of growing fat and stress.

Cycling can be the best that will help you burn your fat and will remove the stress you can have from work thought. Any other form of exercise like swimming, skipping or running will also do good for you.

Walking can’t be an ideal option for you unless you are over 50+ age. You need to loose your stress and weight while you exercise. So walking will be very little in effective for a freelancer. The cheapest and most working procedure of exercise will be running. Run at least 4 times a week and maintain with same time so your work won’t be hampered.

As a freelancer I am giving you these advice but not as a doctor. What I think is- it is better to spend some money and time on my health rather than going to doctor and giving him a chunk of money to regain what is lost. Remember prevention is always better than cure. So happy freelancing.

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