Friday Madness- The Busy Week

Well, this week was a busy week for me. Giving two of my blogs new outlook and helping one of my client with the assessing of how much damage a hacker has done to his websites. Now it’s again the Friday and I am trying to grow a habit to blog regularly about the best I got throughout the week in Friday. Here goes the topics for you.


01. 9 Ways to Keep Visitors on your Website: Blogging is very much coll when you have visitors on your blog. We all do blog for a reason but common one is we need visitors.

02. 6 Powerful Guest Post Tactics that No One’s Talking About: If you are not doing guest post then you are missing a lot of visitors and the fun of blogging. I read this post and got some clear idea about guest posting.


01. 5 Must-Have SEO Skills: If you are trying to make yourself as a SEO guru then this is a must read thing for you. SEO industry has advanced a lot more than you think.


02. Do Guest Post Links Offer the Same SEO Benefit as Natural Links?: Guest posting gives you back-links, but there are pros and con’s of these back links into Google eyes.

04. 5 WordPress SEO Tips: Very basic WP SEO rules. All the new bloggers should remember these.


01. Removing Trojan Win 32 from the PC:  Are you aware that Trojan can attack in your PC anytime? let’s read some info about it. It’s cool to stay safe.

02. How To Get The Latest Gadgets Without Breaking The Bank: If you are a pp lover and ready to buy apps whenever there is a new version, then this is for you.

03. Google Fined in France Because Google Maps is Free: Yap, you are reading it true. I found this is very funny.


01. 7 Startup Names with Cool Backstories: Ever thought that how a company got it’s cool names? There are always a story behind every brand naming. Read some of them.

02. Germany refuses to sign ACTA anti-piracy treaty: This might be a good slap against the SOPA. We have all reasons to get anxious.

03. Megaupload shutdown did nothing to slow piracy, study finds:  As it has been imagined piracy can’t be stopped and that is true. You can’t stop piracy just by closing a site.

Here is the weekly video I watched on YouTube. it’s about cocacola’s creative thinking for it’s marketing.  Well, You can tell me what you understood.

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