10 Web-Design & Blogging Tips and Tools

You are a web-designer or not you must have to admit that, it feels good to create something creative and new. I have collected some cool tutorial for you in this week and I hope this will improve your web design quality.

Here are this weeks best articles and tips I have found on the net.


  1. ActionScript 3.0 Optimization: Learning the swf file design in the better way. You SWF should be faster leaner and better.
  2. 7 HTML Guidelines For Website Usability & SEO: When designing a basic HTML page, you should keep an eye on these things, it’s good for SEO.
  3. Create Folded Paper Effect:Create cool folder paper effect with JavaScript and css3.
  4. Back to basics: how to code an HTML5 template: HTML5 is the next generation of web. Learn here how to design a template in HTML5 from ground zero.
  5. Perfect Navigation System for Your Website: Some quick tips on getting the perfect navigation system.
  6. Flow- Traffic Visualization: If you are analyzing your sites traffic then here is one app that can help you to get the overall idea quickly and easily.
  7. Mobile Ready Elegant jQuery Slideshow for Free: Here is one easily editable jQuery slideshow. You can easily implement it in your design.
  8. Create a Sticky Navigation Header Using jQuery Waypoints: In this tutorial, we’ll be creating a navigation bar that stays with you as you scroll down — and we’ll also throw a gimmick or two into the mix to polish it off.


  1. Set Safe, Secure User Roles on Your WordPress Blog: If security is a issue for your blog then this post might help you. It describes how user roles should be distributed
  2. The Most Important Skill for Long-term Blogging Success: Blogging is sure boring if you are not creative. To become a pro-blogger  you need to think out of the box.

I have almost forgot who taught me to start a blog in first place, but I am happy that I have started. Now if you are just a reader and not have the courage or information to start a blog- then please watch this video.

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