Friday Madness- Why Do I blog?

Sometimes I think that why actually I blog? Blogging is not my main stream of income yet. I spend hours of my time and money just to host blogs and read other blogs and make this posts for you. Why? It’s because it’s my passion and I love to do it. I love to share all the great things I notice on my way. So if you do not love what you do then leave blogging. This is not the place for you. I shared a funny video with you this week- I  laughed  30 mins after watching this. lol. Here are the articles of this week.

Friday Madness- Why Do I blog? 1

Just shared it from Picasa Web


  • 8 Things You Need to Know Before Launching a WordPress Blog:  Here are some cool tips for a new blogger. How to start his/her own blog in the web crowd.
  • Simple Ways to Create Sensational Blog Images: Images can talk thousand words. So, having images in your blog post makes it always attractive. here are some tools to make the images more beautiful.
  • 21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic: Traffic is always a headache for the bloggers. if you are just new or trying to get a name in blog world- then here are some cool tips for getting traffic.


  • Taking Control of WordPress 3.0 Admin Bar: This post will help you to learn the css and tricks for the admin bar of WP 3.0. You can remove it, modify it as you wish.
  • Templates & Themes: Want to go creative? use this online tool to create WordPress or Joomla template. It’s fun and painless.
  • Designed to Make Blogging Easier: Managing WordPress: This tool simply helps those who have more than one two or three blogs. You can log in and manage all of them just with this single tool- ManageWP.

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Here is the funny video of this week. Stupidity should have a limit.

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