Get Rich Quick Formula

This is a little bit off track discussion from my normal posts. I made this post from an urge inside of me. And sorry to you guys before you start reading. Some of you might be disappointed as the heading won’t go with the content.

Get Rich Quick Formula 1You should have already been informed about the fact that online is a market place and everyone is welcome here to sell or buy his/her products. So who wins in this market are those having a good knowledge about when to buy and when to sell. Make it simple like- they know – what to buy and where to sell.

As a result most of the people come here to earn money and want to get rich quick. Have you ever thought about the real world market? Online market is nothing than a duplicate copy of that. So you can’t ever get rich quick in here too. Even the facebook creator and the owners haven’t got rich quick (I think you all know that facebook is doing a good business). Years of hard labor and huge investment has made today’s facebook. So what you need is your brain to think and make steps in web to establish a business.

I have started the discussion because I have seen a lot of ready made low quality site is offering to make you thousand of dollars per month or day if you buy their software, programs or E-Books. Don’t be a fool at their words. The truth is that– they are selling a crap to you to get some quick money. It’s like fooling you and cut your pocket legally. What are their promises normally are-

01.  Money back guaranty if their programs don’t work.

02.  You are getting the program on discount only for today.

03.  There are some bonus materials if you buy today.

04.  They have quality support team.

05.  You needn’t do any hard labor; all you will get is easy money.

How stupid of us. Some people still believe in these. Most of the time- this sites shows you a big house or an expensive car in a great location (sometimes a chick). And they promise that you can have everything like that too. Do you believe this? I don’t. Because-

01.  Who the hell in this world will give you free money without any work done?

02.  If the man who is selling you this has became rich by this formula, then why does he need to tell you about that?

03.  I don’t believe the lie of investing only $100 to $150 to be a millionaire. Sometimes they even sell it for $47 to $59.  Now if you believe that you can buy a thing for only $100 and get continuous income daily, then you are a fool.

04.  If they are right then why all the people using internet are not buying and investing for them?

I am totally disappointed on one of my friend when I heard- he has bought something with $57 that will make him rich very soon. What a jerk he is! I always discuss about the money making ideas and the possibilities to earn online from different sources. I never tried these get quick rich programs and don’t want to. I believe without hard work  nobody in this world is going to earn money.

So take a suggestion from this blogger- never buy anything that assures to make you rich quick. You will just waste your time and money. It’s a robbing idea of some people who works to get the stupid guys like you and me (they think so).

Have a nice day and be safe on your way to earning money online.

Image Credit: Flicker Jesse Welter

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