Going to Start a New WordPress Blog?

blogger-girlI hope you at least know that what is blogging and how you can earn a living through it. If you are not familiar with it then you never might come here. Anyway this is a very newbie post- who are just starting to the blogging world. There is plenty of reason why you’ll start a blog and 70 percent of you will try to earn from it. then why not start a blog with WordPress.

Here are some great article links that helped me and I think will help you too.

  • Blogging – Facts for Those Starting a Blog: When blogging was introduced to the industry, people who wanted to be known all over the world took to writing a personal journal. However … Blogging 101Starting with WordPress… …
  • How To Start a Blog: I know my fellow probloggers are like… WTH? But bear with me here. Not everybody has a blog and not everybody knows how to set one up. Also, one may be able to …
  • Starting a Blog for Your Business: New years come with many new challenges and adventures. Business, just like people, use the new year as a chance to review the successes and failures of the previous one as well as an opportunity to set new goals and.


So, these are some articles that might help you in the beginning. Don’t be messed up with all the info they give. Just stick to your own plan what you want to be.

Make a list of things you need to be done before starting a blog.

  1. Domain
  2. Hosting
  3. Installation
  4. Design
  5. Articles
  6. Marketing
  7. Link-Building

Well there are more to do. just stick to your  one. Let’s see a YouTube video on how you can start  a blog. This part is my favorite.


A question might come to your mind that- Do you really need WordPress? Well let’s here it from Sam. He made a nice video on it.

So, What are you waiting for? Do a comment if you wish to get more help.

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