Google Checkout Vs PayPal

I am working as a freelancer from Bangladesh. So, like other Bangladeshi freelance web developers I faced the same problem about the payment processing. Whenever I tried to buy a hosting or domain I faced a lot of problem. Either I have to go to a Bangladeshi reseller who charges a lot than the usual price and their reseller hosting is third class. And the bigger problem is that PayPal is not supported in BD. So what should a new comer do in this area?

google checkout vs paypal

I have faced a lot of problem the first two years and Now I am able to buy all of that from my own Home with my own PC and with my own Prepaid Debit Card supplied by the payoneer.

The way is simple- If you have a Payoneer Debit card then you may not be able to buy hosting from all the companies, ex: Just host, but you can buy from those hosting that support the Google Checkout system. You can easily buy from them easily by attaching your card to the Google Checkout, they support almost all kind of cards and Payoneer is one of them. Best of it- Checkout supports Bangladesh.  So my problem is solved.

Now I can buy hosting from the Namecheap (they are one of the best I have seen) and domain also.

So Google is merging in all the area and solved our problem of PayPal in BD. In this regard Google Owes a huge thanks from me.

  1. 19/04/2011
    • 22/04/2011

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