Google is Slapped by Mozilla

The title seems dramatic to you? Well… it might, but it is exactly what happened. If you are a Firefox user you might know that most of the time we do not type in the address bar and we do not wait for the big white page with the search box to come and we shall search there. What we do is search directly inside the Mozilla’s address bar, it’s simple like that. So, what happens when Mozilla replaces it default Google search engine? Google get a slap and there is huge drop in searching number through Google.

According to Stat Counter Yahoo search is used 3 times more on Firefox 34 than in Firefox 33. So, on 2nd December it seems that Yahoo went to 29.04% from 9.64% in search engagement than it was in the earlier version of Firefox. You can also clearly see that in the new version of Firefox Google search has dropped to 63.46% from 82.14%.

US Search Share - 2nd December 2014

via: Stat Counter

I assume that not all the users of Firefox has upgraded their browsers. If they updates throughout the week, then more number drops can be seen. The numbers can be negligible right now, but at the end of the day these are the numbers for what the giants of internet are fighting for.

There are more functionality for searching is rolling out by Firefox. Right now when you type something on the Firefox’s search bar you can see a drop down box that helps you to select the favorable search engine you might choose. This happens even you have Google as your default search engine chosen. So, Mozilla is taking control and suggesting you to try a variation.

Search engine suggestions

What’s in it for you and what you can do?

Not much, if you are optimizing for all the search engines.

1. If you are optimizing only for Google and even do not have a Bing Webmaster account or yandex account then you need to worry. Google is still the king, but there are others who controls a significant amount of search traffic. So, best practice can be – to keep an eye on Bing and optimize your site for Bing too.

2. Regularly check the Bing Webmaster account for what’s going on. They have a Webmaster blog which updates regularly with new tips and guidelines.

3. Optimize your keywords for Bing separately. You might think that – if you top Google for a keyword you can top on Bing too. Though the scenario is totally different. Bing doesn’t show results for the keywords same as Google. So you might need to tweak and add many of your long tail keywords.

4. Follow the Bing Web Master Guidelines here. You can find some serious info and hacks.

5. Bing has also an in-house SEO optimizer, more like Google Site check. This analyzer will help you to solve most of your sites problem.

6. There is also a SEO Tool Box from Microsoft, you can’t find another free match like this one. Use this to optimize your website.

So, SEO lovers, there are a lot to happen in the next few months or even within weeks. Keep your eyes open for the bumpy road.

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