Thanks for showing the interest in posting on BlogRon. I would love to have some original content written by you and sure I will try to publish them as soon as after I review them myself.

Please read the rules before sending any query about GUEST POSTING.

Rules for Guest Posting:

  1. First of all, your articles should be original.
  2. An author bio have to be attached with the article.
  3. If necessary please add some pictures with your article.
  4. Try to write in easy and correct sentences, as it needs time to review and modify the wrong ones.
  5. Do not use affiliate links or too much links in your article, as I don’t like them. But you can add two links of your blog. Don’t forget to add the resource links if necessary.
  6. It would be better if you have a twitter account, I can then add it in the author bio.
  7. You have to send your article in text format in open-office, MS Word or clean text file. The sending email is : or
  8. Article must be over 1000+ words, longer articles with stat works better in search engines.

What’s your benefit?

You can have back links and gain new visitors towards your blog. You are creating a readers base of yours through the web and in my community too as I share my blog posts in twitter and Facebook regularly.


I would love to have articles around these topics.

  1. Blogging
  2. Money Making
  3. Internet related business.
  4. SEO
  5. Development for bloggers.
  6. Hosting Reviews
  7. WordPress related topics

So happy blogging.