Hosting and Your Business Why Both are Related & What You Need to Choose?

In online business – after the choosing of a right domain for your blog or site, the most important thing is to choose a right hosting. I am a sufferer of buying some cheap hosting which I thought would be better. But in the long run, they gave much pain than giving me a stable money flow.

If it is your business that you are going to establish, then you must choose a better hosting for it. If you are here just to play then choose whatever you want. There are at least 10 to 20 superb hosting companies online. And rests of them are just trying to make a fortune. Anyway if you want my advice then please choose a hosting carefully and don’t buy a hosting for your budget, rather buy a hosting for your need.

Cheap Hosting vs. Good Hosting

Cheap is not always bad. I think you have many times heard this sentence.

To me it’s a little different, I call it “Cheap is not always reliable”. I bought cheap hosting and they gave me support superbly, but for a very short time.

I can name you the 1-dollar-hosting I used for one of my client’s sites. Then suddenly one day when I hosted two more sites there, they closed the hosting without any notice.

Now it’s not their fault. I might have done something that broke their terms and condition which most people don’t read before buying a hosting.

The fact is that they even didn’t bother to send me a notice or give me some time to figure out what is wrong. Rather the close the whole thing down and I felt in a massive loss. The loss is my time, money was little. Anyway, from that day I promised to never go back to the cheap hosting.

How could they be so generous to you with so little money you gave them?

There might have to be some charges for uptime and server maintenance and they have to afford it from their customers. So something isn’t right they are showing to you. So – keep my words and stay away from cheap plus unreliable hosting.

Another hosting that I used to have for one of my sites was “”. They are now out of fuel. The page redirects now to HostGator. What a mass. Show what have I learn from them? That’s never choosing any hosting just because it is cheap. Choose something that will stay with you.

Hosts3 was a warez hosting and they do host porn and other warez things, and it was cheap that you can’t believe. Just for 12 dollars, you can host with them for years. Anyway, they disappeared with their entire customer’s data and I am not surprised this time. This type of hosting will come and go.

Reasonable and Reliable

I am naming it with “2R” Reasonable and Reliable. You have to choose your hosting in between this 2R. There is plenty of good hosting on the market. And all of them have custom packages for your need. If you think that a shared hosting will be OK for you then don’t choose huge packages or VPS. It can be waste of your money.

Next, never believe in the unlimited theory. Except god everything has it limits. And in my 2R, there is no unlimited hosting idea.

Yes, they would tell you are using unlimited but actually you are not. It is like that if you can go out of their limit they will try to increase your quota.

And believe me, you can’t go out of that limit. It’s too huge for a single site or three. But if you are going to host a site like YouTube then you have something special to find out.

So, it all depends on what type of site you are going to host and how many hits you are expecting. A shared hosting normally costs 3 dollars to 10 dollars per month depending on the hosting. Going to choose one? Here is my list try them- you won’t be disappointed.

  1. Hostgator
  2. Namecheap
  3. Justhost
  4. Bluehost
  5. Hostmonster

Ok- you can find rest of them by Googling. Hostgator is the best I have ever seen. Justhost is also one of the best with a comparative price. And I am using name cheap right now. I have never seen an efficient group than this hosting. Without a slight disturbance, everything is cool here. I wish I could stay here for rest of my life. I would love to.

By the way- I have written previously about free hosting and some other things. But they are not also free at all. So remember, there is no free lunch in the web world. Everyone here is doing their own business.

Nothing is free and nothing is the best.

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