How Can You Make More Money Blogging

The secret is not actually revealed to most of the people how those bloggers make so much money while some other can’t?

Is it their technique or time spent on blogging that makes this much amount from blogging? Or, everyone like you are doing it the wrong way while bloggers like me are doing it right. So, I can make money while you can’t!


True!!!  There are some secrets, but it’s not that hard to figure out. The first thing about blogging is patience; which most people do not have and they fail to earn from their blog.

Second is stop wasting your time while you blog.

How you are wasting your time

If you are spending too much time on a blog that is not giving you that much profit (There are reasons why) – then you are wasting your time. May be you are trying to monetize your blog and changing different version of advertisement and placement, trying different companies frequently. Posting too much on a day or week- all these things are time killer.

It’s a time waste because all the things you are doing to make your blog profitable is killing your time and costing you money.

I have seen most of the newcomer bloggers are implementing advertisement without even knowing that their readers might dislike it or what are the best positions to add those. All they do is making changes over changes that literately hurts their reputation in the beginning. Stop it- if you are a blogger there are far better way to monetize the blog and don’t let monetization hurt your potential blog. Your blog might have earned more if you didn’t monetize it in the wrong way.

The monetization myth

Most new bloggers went for monetization within a short time and trying to measure how much other are earning and how much he is doing right now.

Things do not go this way. Not all the traffics are paid on a same scale. The location of the traffic generation and the action they took will define how much you will earn.

That’s why it is so much possible that you have huge traffic but you are not earning that much. And another person earns a lot because his traffic is from particular region and they buy from his/her affiliate links.

Another thing is – you can’t copy other’s monetization method all along. What worked for me might not work for you.

So, it’s better if you leave these ideas – you can copy others method and go on the same route is totally false. They idea is to develop your own way and methods, mostly timing for monetization. There is a certain time I believe before that you shouldn’t include any advertisement banner in your blog.

What is working and what is not

If you have seen that after adding advertisement banner or links you have dropped in traffic or users are disturbed with the affiliate links you throw- then stop spending time on that. Stop the experimental placement of advertisement. There are many other ways to earn from a blog.

If you feel that you are not able to post content on a regular basis then stop trying to do so. Just add quality content. Remember that quality is always better than the quantity. I can remember that my first blog (Which I have left now) where I posted continually and the quality wasn’t that much good. It was a failure. However, I have learned a lot from that blog. I learned the best trick:- “ frequency of posting doesn’t matter if I have something good to say”.

Stop right now what is not working and start doing the thing more frequently what is working.

How to make more money from your blog

Besides advertising, is there any other way you can earn from your blog?

There are two things that still determines how much you can earn one is traffic and you page rank. I don’t know how much longer Google will continue their page rank system. But, it still attracts the paid article posts and product reviewers.

Use your blog as a portfolio of your writing or technical skill. People will turn to you more than you thought. You can sell your writing skill for other corporate out there. Yes, it is true that people can write but not all people can do it in style.

If you have something to show off the probable clients will ask you to write for them and will do the marketing on behalf of you. It all depends on how much better quality blog you have. I know a few friends who earn by freelance blogging  for others and reviewing items in their blog. And this earning is greater than the earning they get from their blog advertisement or affiliate links.

The proven things might shock you that you might earn a lot bigger in freelance blogging career than you thought. You need a blog to practice and showoff. There are more opportunities for you to earn by blogging for others than your own blog.

Why do you think that you have to earn only from your blog or affiliation or blogging.

Think smart and get on with it.

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