How Much a Blogger Can Earn

The idea of money making by blogging on a specific topic or niche is now popular on web. That’s why there are so  many money blogs and so many bloggers. But how much can one earn from a single blog or how many blogs one need to get a good income? Have you ever thought of these questions? Obviously you have thought these. So what are the answers?

Earning by a blog depends on many things. First of all, you should know that you are selling your time and intelligence when blogging. It’s not fun for the serious bloggers like us. I believe time is money and that’s how I am making it- selling my time. So earning depends on “How much time you spend blogging”.

Secondly, what is your niche and does it attracts people? Do you have a huge reader base? I mean how much popularity you have for your blog. Mainly earning depends on this thing. There are several ways to get popularity. I am not discussing it in here. You can subscribe to my blog for that.

The last thing you should know that you can earn a good amount only by one blog. You needn’t to have several. One popular blog can make your day. So earning by blog depends mostly on the popularity of your blog.

Now some little reminder about getting your blog popular are- you have to write quality and original contents. As everyone says contents are the king.  Next, you have to choose the available best money making options for your blog. Remember that only adsense or other ad revenue can’t get you that much money from blogging. You have to join some good affiliate programs  side by side with that. And there are other options available to increase your income through blogging.

I know some people can earn more than $3000 per month just blogging. But they haven’t done it in one day or  one month. Huge time and skills make that happen. The fact is that you must have patience when you wish to come in the blogging world. There is serious money one can make through blogging. It doesn’t depend on the amount of money- why you should blog. Rather keep in mind that earning always increases if you can start a successful blog.

So be popular and after a certain time you can decide how much you want to earn, rather than thinking how much you will earn. Remember three things when blogging- Honesty, Patience and Hard Work will always bring you success.

Things to Remember:

  1. Do not start a blog just to get money, most of the time you will be disappointed.
  2. Try not to be so fast writing your contents. That hampers the quality.
  3. Your readers will do marketing for you, if you have helpful contents for them.
  4. Spend your word carefully. If you can build trust on you then it’s easy to win the war.
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