How Social Media Can Showcase Your Business Expertise

Zintro’s goal is to connect experts with businesses who can utilize their expertise. A big part of showcasing your expertise involves social media, so Zintro has created an infographic to help experts determine the best way to get their name out there.

Which platforms are the right ones to showcase your expertise?

With the ever-changing social media landscape, it’s tough to determine where you should be spending your time as an expert in an attempt to get your name out there.

Facebook boasts a user base of 845 million, and the network’s Pages feature allows consultants to provide a robust set of information about their businesses. But because of the sheer size of most users’ networks, communication via Facebook can be seen as less targeted and personal.

Google+ isn’t yet as large as Facebook in terms of active users, but it’s easier to target specific segments of an audience thanks to its Circles contact organization system.

Twitter’s claim to fame is its increasing use as a customer service tool.

Companies like Jet Blue, Comcast and H&R Block have already embraced the power of instant responses to consumer gripes.

LinkedIn is the best place to showcase your professional expertise, with an older and more educated audience.

Which network is right for you? Check out all the details in the infographic below.


social media


This infographic was created by Zintro, a network of experts. You can look at Zintro experts by region on Zintro.

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