How to Edit PSD Files

Editing PSD files may be confusing to those who are first time doing it. Specially to the newbies who have just downloaded a free theme and got some PSD files for banners and logos.

What is a PSD File?

PSD means PhotoShop Documents. PSD files are layered files from Photoshop and you must have Photoshop installed to edit this kind of files. In recent years the PSD files have becomes so much popular that some other photo editing programs have configured to work with this kind of files.

As PSD has many imaging options built-in to edit in PhotoShop – it may be a little bit hard to edit this file in other programs.

How to Edit

01. In the Photoshop open the PSD file and select layer from the layer window to edit each layer individually. That’s what PSD files are for.

02. There may have many layers for each text and image. All of them are movable and editable. Use the move and drag tools in the left sidebar.

03. The best thing is you can flip, rotate and change the size of any image in the PSD file to give it a 3D outlook.

Alternative to Photoshop

Some of you might find the PhotoShop software a little bit expensive or do not want to use the Photoshop, then how can you edit PSD files? There are some softwares less costly and even free that can handle the PSD files.

01. Paint.NET: You can download this free software from here: . You have to install a plugging to work with the PSD files. Just go to their forum and you can easily find the Photoshop PSD plugin. See Here:

02. IRFANVIEW: This is free software that can be used to open the PSD files. It’s free too.

03. GIMP: This is the open source software for image editing that supports the PSD files. Just Google it to download.

How to Edit PSD file

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