How to Find Do-Follow or No-Follow Links in a Page

This is a problem for the average user to find the do-follow or no-follow blogs or links in the web. Most of them looks for a list or try to find it from the HTML preview. Both of these methods are time consuming and have negative effects on your ongoing SEO work. If you are trying to find a quick solution to find the do-follow or no-follow links in a blog then the following addons from Mozilla might help you.

do follow no follow

Install the addon and restart your Mozilla Firefox browser. Now whenever you are on a page to make comments or post article you can check if that is giving you a do-follow link or all the links are no-follow. Steps are as follows.

01. Install the Addons

02. Restart your Firefox and browse to the site you want to find no-follow or do-follow.

03. Right click on a blank space of that page. You can see a menu items has appeared as “NoDoFollow” – click on that and the option will be activated.

04. The links of the pages will be colored in two groups- Red and Blue.

Red= No Follow

Blue=Do Follow

05. To turn off the thing just again follow the procedure of no.3

So- this is the easy way to find a page is do-follow or no-follow. Though SEO these days aren’t depends on this thing but it will save a lot of your time.

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