How to Get Advertisement for Your Blogs

I have told this several times and I will tell this again to all my fellow blogging beginners. I do not blog just for fun. This is my passion and profession. So, as this is my profession then it is obvious that I am making money from it.

The question I have been asked most of the times is “How I am making money?” and the second one is “Is this my only blog?“.

How to Get Advertisement for Your Blogs 1

I am going to answer these questions now. First of all- I earn money by blogging for others and from the advertisements in my blogs. As you can see- this is not my only blog and this is not the most popular one. I have several other confined niche blogs where I sell ad spots and paid reviews. In some of my blogs I also use advertisements like infolinks and Google Adsense.

Affiliate marketing is another way I get a share of my money. Now is it clear to some of you that- a blogger can earn money from several sources, but the main skill he should have is the blogging skill.

How to Get Advertisement for Blogs

Before trying to get advertisers attracted to your blog you have to think some points.

  • Why they will be attracted to your blog?
  • They will evaluate your blog before they go for a paid partnership.
  • Does your blog is in an interesting niche related to their brand?

All these points I am listed for the advertisers who advertise directly on blogs. If you use some ad-networks like Adsense, Adbrite, bidvertiser, Chitika etc. They have their own rules and policy.

Let’s get to the point how you can get more advertising offers from the advertisers.

Individual Ad Listing Page

Let the people know that you are accepting ads in your blog. People most of the time do not want to knock you to know if you are willing to do advertisement in your blog. But if you clearly define that you are accepting ads and what are your rules, ad formats, size with the pricing list then it become easy for them to decide. These things need to be clearly defined.

So make an individual page clearly defining that your ad statues and guidelines.

Improve Your Niche

Advertisers will look for niche blogs that matches their branding and with the products. This do not harm their reputation and increase the sales. From your part you have to define your niche and concentrate on creating content related to that niche. For example an SEO software company will look for blogs that talks about blogging, SEO and Search Engine Optimization topics. You concentrate and build authoritative voice on your niche you will get highest paid advertisement.

Creating Backlinks and Page Rank for Your Blog

Advertisers always look for a blog that has quality traffic and good Google page rank. If your blog has both of them then you are a gainer. Otherwise they might not be interested in your blog. At least who wants to through money to a unpopular blog. So, do everything you have to make your blog look professional and SEO optimized. Read the other posts how you can optimize your site.

Relation Making

If you have an advertiser for a month and let him know that you have special discount for him if he continues next month. Most probably he’ll get interested. This is like running a promotion and discount for the customers already you had. This relation making can gain more potential advertisers for you.

At last, one thing you must have to know that- most advertisers will love to see the stats and counts of how their advertisement are looking and what are the statics of others who advertised in your blog. Show them the graph of your visitors, conversion and the overall position of your niche in the search engines. These things will keep you clean and make your blog a loveable place for them to advertise.

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