How to get twitter followers and website visitors for free

All the people related with blogging and websites are familiar with traffic. What we call visitors. It is the most important thing a blogger or webmaster wants. Now for the popularity and loyal visitors and to get always connected with the users, there are many things that has been integrated with the blog or websites. Like Twitter, Facebok fans, Mybloglog, Friend Connect etc.

So it’s important that we have  followers and fans in both facebook and twitter. Because we have to stay connected with our readers.  But getting twitter followers or facebook fan is not that easy. You can get little some like 20 to 40  followers from your friends, but not that much to call it huge achievement. Now there are many ways to get friends or followers on facebook and twitter. I am going to tell you about one of them. I am just amazed with it’s overnight changes in my twitter account. Just for signing up I got 17 followers.

There is no big thing to do. You just have to signup for a free account and everything will start auto. There system is giving credits or points to follow others in facebook or twitter. You can earn by following others and others can earn by following you. This is a traffic sharing site. There system and management seems pretty good and interesting to me. I become a fan of the site.

Similarly for your website visitors and blog readers you can do the same. That’s real and organic traffic. I just love what they do. So what you can get from signup are:

01. Twitter followers

02. Facebook fan

03. Website visitors

Let’s check it. I am happy with them and you might be the next lucky one. Let me know anything you want to tell about this traffic exchange site. Does it good or bad for you. Thanks.

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