How to Improve your Alexa Rank in 30 Days

Improve your Alexa RankAs a serious blogger, you will want to make sure that you get as much exposure as you can, and in order to get your blog noticed you need to improve your Alexa or Google Rankings. If your Alexa ranking is becoming stagnant, then there are one or two things you can do to get it moving in the right direction again.

The Alexa rank typically determines just how many times a blog or webpage is visited, which then compares those statistics with all of the other viewer statistics of blogs and webpage’s on the internet. The lower your Alexa rank, the more popular your blog or website is.

How Installing the Alexa Toolbar Helps You

In order for your Alexa rank to be determined, the visitors to your blog or website must have the Alexa toolbar installed on their computer. However, if you do not have the Alexa toolbar installed on your own computer then could be losing out on improving your Alexa ranking, and this is because the one person who visits your blog or website is you. After all, you are the one who has new blog posts to write, comments to reply to and content to add, so you are likely to be the person who visits your own site more times in one day than anybody else. As well as installing the Alexa toolbar onto your computer, you can also ask friends and family who visit your blog to do the same, and you will be surprised by just how much your Alexa rating drops by just implementing this tip.

Comment on Other People’s Blogs

A lot of people are not yet aware of the Alexa rank and its importance, however, as the majority of bloggers like to measure their ranking, they will most likely have the Alexa toolbar installed on their computers. So by commenting on other blogs that are on similar themes as your own, there is a good chance that those blog writers will visit your site in return.

Using these two simple tips, should help you to encourage more visitors to your site, and this will have the effect of lowering your Alexa ranking on an almost day by day basis.

Plus, as well as lowering your Alexa rank, you will also be making new connections with other bloggers. You may agree on mutual cross-promotion kind of cooperation. Guest blog for other bloggers if they consider giving articles for your blog, too. Include links of each other web-sites in these posts. Or if you are too lazy to write, just agree on link exchange.

Get listed!

Bring your site to the directories lists. Submit your page address to such high-ranked web-directories like Yahoo. Don’t forget about Webmasters forum and social bookmarking sites.

Your Alexa Ranking and Advertising

If you are looking to make money from your blog or webpage through advertising, then a low Alexa ranking in crucial if you wish to make more money. Some advertisers actually base their advertising pricing structure on Alexa rankings, whilst others do not, however, it is better all round to have a lower Alexa rating whether you sell advertising space or not.

So, as you can see, there really is not much to improving your Alexa ranking, with just a little bit of work, you will be able to drop your Alexa ranking so that your blog or webpage gets noticed more often. Just set a daily routine. Each day make sure you have posted links to your blog on the web, contacted at least 30 new blogger fellows to agree on cross-posting or link exchange. And surely don’t forget to improve your blog posts visibility on the web by using keywords to be tracked down by search engines. Keep doing this for at least 30 days at least to see the result, don’t give up if you don’t move much in a week, just keep the hard work if you want to make your web-site profitable in the shortest amount of time. Remember, the more you work on developing your web-portal back-links and mentions as well as on qualitative unique content, the quicker you achieve what you created your web-site for. Good luck!

Alexa Widget

I have a new addition for you. It has been proven that adding the Alexa widget can also help you in decreasing the alexa rank. Here is the code.
<a href=”“>< script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script ></a>


Use this in a text widget, just replace with your site’s domain in the code. Get more help from this page: Click here.

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