How to Make Money Blogging

I have been getting several e-mails each week since I started this blog. Most of them are asking “How to Make Money Blogging“. I am not annoyed at all for the mails. Actually I enjoy it. As it is a proof that now people thinks I know how to teach them make a blog and make money through blogging.

Blogging is Profitable if You Practice

We all know that, practice makes a man perfect, so it will be helpful to practice blogging. I know you are going to ask why I should practice? I am coming to that point later. But at first know that you can start practicing by making free blogs. Such as start a blog at or . It’s free and easy to configure. Nothing to worry if you destroy your practice blog as you are investing only some time on it. You can have a sub-domain like:

Ya this is a sub-domain that you are getting for free. So what? you can still practice how to make money blogging in here. If you don’t know how to start a blog then please don’t bother reading this. I am not going to tell you about that. There are lots of article on Google on that. Another place for you to start might be the I prefer because in here you will get the taste of a wordpress dashboard and the environment of professional blogging. All these practicing and tweaking in the free blogs will make you an expert for your self hosted professional blog. Some other things you will learn from these two places are – How to handle the online environment of blogging and what are the resources available for it.

Can You Earn from Free Blogs?

This is a great question you will ask yourself once you are good to go with a free blogspot or wordpress hosted blog. I have seen plenty of good blogs on these free platforms. And I am sure they are earning from these free blogs. But if you ask me- How to Make Money Blogging, then I will advice you to get your own .com domain and paid hosting. With the paid service you will have all the things you need and never have to worry about the deletion of your blog by the hosting providers. Most of the blogspot and publisher faces this loss.

How to Make Money Blogging

After setup your blog (it should be self hosted) – don’t rush. The main mistake of thousand of bloggers are that they do not know how to make their blogs beautiful and attractive. You must have to do that. Otherwise you are not going to attract much visitors. Apart from that your main focus should be on your blog content. Content creation is a tricky thing which depends on your keyword research, image editing and other extensive research.

Contents are the life of your blog. If you made a beautiful blog but you have nothing to provide for your readers – then you can’t creat a reader group and can’t earn money from your blog. So there are lots of things to keep in mind.

As for earning from your blog you have to put some advertisement in you blog. Like:-

  • Google Adsense,
  • Chitika
  • Bidvertiser  etc.

Amongst these Google Adsense is the best for making money from blogging, believe me on that. Whatever other people says I believe Google is still the best.

Now- decide first on what topics you are going to start in your blog or what will be the targeted content of your blog. This is the niche selection. Once you have selected you niche then jump start. Practice that’s all you need first for learning how to make money blogging.


If you are looking for  nice template for your free blogs then I will recommend you to look at:

There are lot more of them. Why bother? Search Google to get new templates and change it with your default one. That will give your blog a brand look. Lets have fun making free blogs on or blogspot and when you are ready – import them in your own self hosted blog.

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