How to Make Your Blog a Successful One?


Watching me blogging is kind of fun to some of my friends. They noticed my passion in blogging and occasionally someone shows interest in blogging life. He wants to make his own blog.

That means I have to answer many questions for this person before he can find out “how to use Google” and do it by himself. Most common of these questions are-

  1. How to make a blog?
  2. What is the benefit or profit of me blogging?

The second one is kinda tricky to answer as there are many reasons why people blog and the benefit varies, but most common benefit is monetary.

For the first question, I said to them – you don’t have to know how to make a blog. Because it’s like walking. You can walk – that’s all, but you have to know how to make your blog beautiful and attractive to your readers.

Honestly speaking, I am tired of making blogs for people. They always ask me for the favor and they want me to do it for free. This kind of easy job – they should do it by themselves. You have an email address then you can make a blog. That’s no difficult job. Just follow the on screen instructions.

So, I am here today to tell you, those who are new in blogging world looking for some basic things, you can find more if you search the Google.

Choose a Blogging Idea

Before making a blog – make a decision. Take your time and decide on what theme/niche you are going to start the blog. People are always interested to start a blog without even thinking that what they are going to write about. So, before making a blog choose wisely – are you going to make a personal blog or a family blog? Or you want to have a community blog where your friends are going to share thoughts with you. Just decide it first.

Where to Make the Blog

Now, decide where you are going to make the blog. I mean where your blog will be hosted. You can use Google’s blog spot or you can use WordPress blog. There are many free blog making services, but these two are my favorite because they are simple and easy to start with. You can also buy a .com org or other paid domain and a hosting and then you can host your blog by yourself. If you want my suggestion – I will tell you to do that, go for a paid hosting. It looks more professional.

Template Selection is a Vital Thing

One of my friend knows how to make a blog from scratch, but he is a bit fuzzy in choosing the right template. You have to know that your template selection depends on the contents going to be placed in you blog. If your are going to make a blog on film review and gave it a template that is full of flowery skins – then it will look bad.

You are writing about yourself then you can use whatever template you want. Because that goes with your personality. If you are showing your snapped pictures in the blog and have a normal template then this also doesn’t go with the content.  You have to use a gallery template for that with slide shows.

Don’t ask me about where to find good templates. Just do a search on the web.  There are lots of free template for you to use. You can buy a premium template too – that have all the options built-in.

Updating on a Daily Basis

People might get busy , but it’s better if you can somehow manage to update your blog daily. Because your users don’t know that you are busy. They will come to your blog on a daily basis to read what’s your update? So, if you can, post a single topic everyday. When you have time schedule a post for the next day or next week too. It is quite possible that you might not get the time to post everyday. Even some times you may not find out what to write about and it happens a lot.

If you can, use images in your post where necessary.  Attracting your readers is your main target and people like to see pictures. Sometimes a single picture can describe a thousand words. So do it.

Do Not Do Copy – Paste

It’s easy to copy paste other’s contents in your site, but that’s a bad thing. How much bad you can’t imagine. Yap… you can follow other’s style in writing, but why copy paste? It’s like you have a pet cat and your giving it dirt to eat. Your reputation is going to be down for that. Some people might thought that these are real from you, but most of the readers will understood that you’re doing from someone else.

Some times copy cat can bring charges against you. So why copycat? Please this is my honest suggestion that you can lend ideas but not the whole tree from other people.

To make a successful blog – you have to write all the content by yourself, or you can pay someone else to write some original content for you. That will also do and will build up your reputation. You know while I am writing this blog I could do other things or copy paste huge things from someone else’s blog, but I am not doing it. Instead of that, I am giving my time in writing something good for you.

Tell Your Friends

So, you have a blog – then why don’t you tell your friends to visit and post some comments? They can have some nice reply from you. Ask them to tell their friends to get here and post comments. You will get inspiration and have some nice suggestions too. This is the most active offline marketing method and also a successful one.

You can mail your friends to visit your blog. Ask them in Facebook or twitter, drop your status about your new blog. Let them know your doing a good thing. Don’t feel shy about it. If you don’t want to let others know about your blog. Then it’s a total time waste. To make a successful blog you have to get a loyal readers base. They will comment share and ask about your writings.

Last, but not the least, keep reading other blogs and information’s on web. You can find lots of materials there. You will learn many things on your way of blogging. It takes time, so don’t get tired in the mid way or stop blogging. Patience and concentration will take you to the desired place.

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