How to Pitch a Guest Blog Post

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to build valuable backlinks, and there’s definitely an art to making sure your post is selected for publication. Luckily for SEOs, guest blogging is as popular with blog owners as it is with writers. Who wouldn’t want a steady stream of high-quality content from a wide range of authors? At its best, guest blogging is win-win: the host blog gets a high quality post, and the writer gets exposure and do-follow links back to the site of his choice. Popular blogs receive a ton of guest blog pitches every day, and by following a few easy tips, you can make sure your pitch stands out above the crowd.

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Make Sure Your Post Hasn’t Been Covered Recently

Nobody wants to publish the same kind of material over and over. Imagine how boring that would be for the host blog’s audience! Take a few minutes and read through recent posts, making sure your topic hasn’t been covered recently. If it has and you’re still gung-ho to post in that particular blog, you could rewrite your post to cover the topic in a different angle, or expand upon another writer’s post.

Make Sure Your Topic Matches the Blog

Maybe this point seems like a no-brainier, but the closer your post idea matches the blog you want to publish it, the better the chance the host blog will accept your post. It’s also a good idea to personalize your pitch. Address the owner of the blog by name, and explain why your post is a good fit for his blog. Make it clear you’ve read the blog you’re pitching to, wish to contribute a valuable post, and aren’t simply trolling high domain authority blogs to gain a valuable backlink or two.

Be Professional

First and foremost, make sure your spelling and grammar is absolutely correct. Spelling mistakes are easy enough to catch with a simple spell check, but grammar can be a bit trickier. Have someone else read through your post, or read it out loud. It may sound goofy, but it works. If you’ve followed these steps and your post still gets rejected, don’t take it personally. Your post may need to be edited, or isn’t a good fit for the blog you’ve pitched it to. If the host hasn’t clarified why your post isn’t a good fit, ask for some follow up. Be open to suggestion and willing to edit your post as necessary for publication. Either way, be sure to thank the host for his or her time. Who knows? Maybe this post wasn’t a good fit, but a future post might be. A large part of guest blogging is building relationships, and you don’t gain anything by not returning someone’s email, or stooping to insults. If you don’t hear back at all, don’t get discouraged! Guest blogging is huge and there are any number of other blogs you can post on.

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