How to Properly Use Images on Your Blog

The emergence of internet technology has revolutionized techniques in photography and obtaining images for various requirements. In the past, the procedures were so simple. All that was needed was a competent photographer, a photo-laboratory, some chemicals and basic equipment. Images were usually cut from colored magazines or purchased from book stores.

Now, everything has changed and become more sophisticated. There are digital cameras that produce instant pictures. Printing, editing, re-sizing and sending of images can be done online using the most complicated and advanced methods courtesy of photo-editor software.

While everything has been made easier and trendy, the entire practice also calls for prudence and adherence to established ethical procedures. Here are a few tips for acquiring free and ready-to-use images online:

Tip 1: Never Take Photos From Other Sites Arbitrarily

How to Properly Use Images on Your Blog 1

Get your images from reputable sources and not just any ordinary pictures from search engines. There are photo libraries from where you can get hold of high-resolution and quality images either for free or a minimal payment.

Images you are going to re-publish on your site should be shared under Creative Commons License: it allows anyone to use images on your own sites (sometimes even for commercial purposes) provided you credit the original creator.

Tip 2: Give Proper Coverage to the Creator of the Image That You Will be Using

How to Properly Use Images on Your Blog 2

Give credit to the source or acknowledge the name of the author or photographer, website and a back link or URL for any image that you download online and use for your own personal or entrepreneurial undertakings. This is commonly known as ethical or principled publishing.

People add “nofollow” tags when crediting image source but the common practice is as follows: if the image is good enough (and it is since you have chosen to use it at your site), it deserves a “real” link!

Tip 3: Be Very Particular About Licensing Terms or Agreement

How to Properly Use Images on Your Blog 3

Lawsuits usually arise out of the indiscretion of some individuals or corporate institutions that fail to understand the policies indicated in the license accord.


Tip 4: Know the Copyright Rules

How to Properly Use Images on Your Blog 4

Be able to distinguish the definitions of free images and those that require some form of royalty or compensation. By being very cautious, you avoid all inconveniences and misunderstanding.


There are really thousands of images that you can use from the internet. It is all a matter of judicious decisions as well as the right choice of images for your needs.

Image Credits: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Author: Jessy Troy is a creative blogger for Mobile Phone Finder, the free Australian resource to compare mobile phones online.

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