How to Turn Off Infolink in a Single Post

Many of us are using infolinks as monetization method for our blogs. Some are even using it as an alternative of the Google Adsense. Infolinks gives a plugin to install in your WordPress blog and with that shows liked advertisement in your post and pages content.

But if you have some paid content and the advertiser who paid for the content are not willing to see infolinks on that particular post then how you can stop infolinks from showing in that post? The current plugin of infolinks still haven’t got this option to turn it off for a single page or post.

There is a very simple way you can do that. Just add the following code before your post in HTML/Text view in WordPress editor page or post and walla… the infolinks will not show up on that particular post.


Short and sweet, isn’t it? Without the post you added this code- all other posts will show infolinks normally. Remember, you have to add it before the post in Text editor view not in Visual editor view.

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