How to Use Payza

[…Update: This company is Shutdown by Law…]

I had an Alertpay account  while I was testing with some PTC sites ( PTC don’t work). As like as the PTC sites Alertpay had also many problems like verification for account and holding money in their account for too long, unresponsive support ticket etc. This Alertpay has changed to

Alertpay to Payza


So my response for Payza is not so good as you might think. Personally I avoid this payment method. Unfortunately country like Bangladesh where PayPal and other payment method is not swift enough, Payza is working as one of the Payment processor.

What is Payza?

Payza is a payment processor that works in more than 190 countries including Bangladesh. You can see that where PayPal is not an option Payza works just fine. They are one of the Payment processor like Moneybookers and PayPal and also a UK based company.

How to Use Payza?

Go to and signup for a new account from the top right and then select the personal account type. This is better if you are not accepting sellers revenue through Payza. Fill up all the necessary fields  and validate your account. This is a very simple procedure to open an account.

The next thing you’ll need to do first is verifying your account. Verify you account by the link you see on the top right (if that is not changed now) after you log in.

You need your national ID scanned or Passport’s scanned copy with a Bank Statement in your name to get verified.

Upload the documents in any of the verification method. There’s currently two of them. Either you have to-

  1. Upload two photo identity ( like passport and National ID) or
  2. One photo identity  plus your bank statement in your name

It might take a week to get verified as Payza is slow in response.

Next, add a bank account where you want the money to be withdrawn.  You have to give your bank account number and Name as listed in your bank statement. You can select the bank from the drop down list of banks in your country. Name the branch and city and add the bank account. Now when you receive some funds from any Payza supported sites. You can just withdraw them in your bank account. But before withdrawing make sure your account is verified. The time taken to process your money is around 4-6 days. In this time it should be credited in your local bank account.

There is a service called Simply Send for Bangladeshis who needs to use the money transfer amongst the Bangladeshis or want to send it to a bank account in BD rather than his/her own. They had some charges from $5 to $10 for the transfer. I mean if you are living abroad and want to send money to your family members account or in a friends account who is living in Bangladesh– then all you have to do is the following:-

  1. Log into your Payza account and credit it ( load money) with your visa card or from bank account or from a Money Order/Check
  2. Log in to the Simply Send account with the same username and password you have with Payza.
  3. Now fill-up the form as needed. The name, purpose for transferring money, mobile number and bank account number.

You can then send money from your account.

Do I Love Payza?

Not at all. I have read many complains about them and there response is also very slow for any support ticket. Once they block your account for any reason you can goodby the money for a long time. As for Bangladesh they seems to have some specialize option for transferring money and very few Bangladeshis are also using their services. Complaints are also less in number.

Some peaople say they are a scam and some say they are legit. Both of them are true as many faces the problem withdrawing funds with them. I hate them as they are associated with the PTC sites and most of the  PTC are fraud. But it is sure that you can withdraw your money through Payza. Let me know what is your experience with Payza. Have you faced any problem? Is the fee too high?

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