How to Withdraw Money Through Moneybookers (Skrill) in Bangladesh

It’s been quite a hassle and confusing for Bangladeshi people to withdraw money with moneybookers. Freelancers and other online entrepreneurs are looking for a good alternative of PayPal in BD. Though we can use the payoneer card- the charge is a little bit higher and the conversion rate is not always good.

If you withdraw a good amount with payoneer card then you might get a good conversion rate. But still it is costly. So, moneybookers can be your solution.

If you are working on oDesk or another freelancing site that supports moneybookers then you can use that as withdrawing method. The process is simple.

01. Register an account with moneybookers (skrill).

02. Verify your address with mail verification. You can have the verify link in your moneybookers dashboard.

03. Attach a bank account by it’s SWIFT code and your bank account number. You must have a bank account in any BD bank for that.

04. Now withdraw money in your moneybookers account from oDesk or other freelancing site.

05. Then when the fund is available in your moneybooker’s account, withdraw the fund in your local bank.

You are done, it will take 4-7 days to reach the money in your bank account in Bangladesh.

Some Tips:

01. Try to have bank account in BRAC Bank or Dutch Bangla Bank limited, they deal faster.

02. I have transferred in my BRAC bank’s account & I have heard some rumor that sending money to DBBL is kinda charge more.

03. I got the full amount in market rate for dollars. Normally with payoneer card this is not possible.

04. Swift code for BRAC Bank is: BRAKBDDH and for DBBL is: DBBLBDDH . You do not need to put more than that in moneybookers while attaching a bank account. I mean with the area codes.

05. Please verify your mailing address first, then withdraw money.

06. All the other banks swift codes can be found here: Though I am not sure other bank supports transferring money in this way, normally they should.

07. In total I paid $3.42 to withdraw in my BRAC bank account. That’s cheap than any other method I can use.

So moneybookers can be a great solution for Bangladeshi freelancers and I hope you won’t face any difficulties withdrawing money into your bank account. You needn’t go to the bank for a single time. Just use your card to withdraw from ATM once it is loaded in your local bank account.




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