How will you Earn Money from Adsense (Part-2)?

If you are reading this part then I guess you have already started using the adsense in your blog and don’t forget to see the stat from the Google analytics if you are using that.

Google analytics will give you a clear idea on which keywords or pages are most viewed and where the visitor’s trends are moving in your site. Anyway, I do not think all of the blogger use that thing. Most of them have other stat plugin installed.

Increasing Revenue:

It’s been a sad story for many bloggers (new) that they are not generating much revenue they thought of before starting the blog. Well if you are using the stats- you might have noticed that they day you have most of the visitors is the day you earned most with adsense.

That means traffic defines your earning. So all you have to focus to increase the earning is “TRAFFIC”. Suppose there is a ratio of 4 out of 20 people click on ads. That means to get 100 clicks a day you have to get a minimum number of 500 visitors. This is not obvious that 500 visitors will give you 100 clicks; some time even more or less, just a simple example.

Increase in the traffic level will increase your revenue earning opportunity. Keep an eye on that matter.

Another thing is that- not all the advertising is of same price. So- you might sometime get high paying ads and earn more than a dollar for a single click. It all depends on the relevant ads and how much traffic you have. The more traffic you will have the more Google will send high paying and relevant ads to your ad spots. That means it will increase your earning.

Regarding this particular matter- that’s why people are willing to do SEO work and optimize their sites for search engines. You should choose your keywords and Meta tags carefully. They have little or good influences on the ad serving bots. However, the most important thing is the page content.


Ad positioning

Not all the position for ads work as the same. Normally about the fold, that means the upper part of your blog where visitors laded at first is the best place to put an Ad. You can even put ads in the sidebar also but remember one thing, the bigger the ads the greater the chance to get click and earn revenue for you.

Color and Matching Pairs

If you are wearing a black shoe with white socks or even yellow- I do not know how would you like but I dislike this color combination.

Exactly the same way- you have to use the color of your ads carefully so they can match the content and theme color of your website. This will make them look like an integral part of the website. Believe me if you can do so and have a good amount of visitors, then you will probably get the higher paying ads. That means revenue increasing.


Another thing is your ad fonts and site’s content‘s font should be same. Otherwise, this will disturb the eyes of the visitors. Combined these things and see what your ad revenue is increasing or not.


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