How You Can Earn Money through Adsense (Part-1)

Most of the time bloggers sign up with the Google’s AdSense program for monetization of their blog. Some thinks to earn from it and they mainly started the blog for earning with Adsense.

I don’t know how many of them succeeds.  Another part thinks that the earning from Adsense will help them to bear up the cost of hosting and yearly domain charge.

Whichever the reason is, you have to be very careful to start earning from Adsense. Google Adsense is a nice program for the online publishers. The ads are attractive and go well with almost all niche blogs. But you have to make it compatible with your blog content.

Now, come to the point, How are you gonna earn from your blog through AdSense?

Adsense is open for all who has a nice blog that does not go against the Google AdSense terms and policies. Before jumping to apply for Adsense- you should keep in mind that you have to read the AdSense Terms and policies.

These days Google is not approving all publishers. They are looking for more quality publisher who can generate higher revenue for them and himself also.

Google Adsense

You cannot have a porn, drug-related or illegal downloading site for AdSense. These goes against their rules.  Your site or blog must be family friendly and have a good design.

I am going to give you some tips that you can use to earn from Adsense. I must say I am not an expert in this field and you do not need a guru to earn from Adsense. These are just some safety precautions.

1. After you publish your first blog- don’t rush to apply for Adsense. Give your blog some time. Let it grow and acquire some readers and visitors.

When you can see there is a steady flow of visitors and you have some subscribers also- then apply for the AdSense program. This is not a must thing, but this will look good.

Is there any reason you will  want to add the AdSense in your new blog and earn no revenue?

A new blog doesn’t generate revenue that much. So keep it under nourishment for a month or two even three to four, then when it becomes big enough to show off then apply.

2. Second thing is your site must have is a “Privacy Policy” document or “Terms of Use” in the menu. I have seen that most of the blogs that are generating high revenue have both of them.

Again, there are some other advertising programs, which will not approve you if you have no clear privacy policy.
3. An AdSense site should be easy to navigate. This thing normally falls into the developer’s hand. If your site is easy to navigate the visitors will stay much more time on your site.  That might generate higher revenue for you.

These three things will help you to be accepted in Google’s AdSense program easily. Keep in mind that the focus should go to your site’s content and the design. After that accomplishment, you can think to monetize it with Adsense. In my next post, I will describe how you can increase the earning from your AdSense. Keep reading.

Resources you must read before applying:

Why Google do not approve adsense account?

1. Insufficient content / Unacceptable site content
2. Page Type / Design of your blog
3. No Privacy Policy, About us or Contact Us page
4. Site does not comply with Google policies.

Here are the Google Adsense policies that needs to be fulfilled:



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