If You are Interested in Affiliate Marketing

Think about the picture, where you are blogging about some product and its usefulness in your blog. You are promoting products and earning commission for that. No big deal and you are getting easy money.

You might have heard- people making lots of money promoting some products and just do nothing. Well, if I say you have heard wrong then don’t become hopeless. Affiliate marketing is not like this- or the picture is not this much easy. There are things you have to understand before you can make an affiliate sale.

Start as a Genuine Marketer

Most of the time you heard someone making cash with a product/method and you rush to it. Or, get confused by someone showing you a video that their proven affiliate method can make you $1000 in a day or week. If this is the case then you are not acting like an affiliate marketer.

Ask yourself- when did you last buy a thing from a sales man and why? What was his technique to sell it?

I am not telling you to follow his method, just asking you to remember and analyze the situation. You must have some analyzing skill to choose the product you are going to promote.

Do you use the product yourself or even believe this is the best product? If not, then this is hard for you to convince others to buy. Most of the successful affiliate marketers actually use the products they promotes. Otherwise, you must have strong analyzing skill about any product you are going to describe.

Bottom line is- you have to believe on the product you are going to promote and know everything about it. The affiliate marketing is not like attaching banners and links to all over your blog. It’s  more like describing the usefulness of a product to peoples and friends. Don’t think your visitors as customers or sales.

Choosing the right product

If you are not making any sell from your affiliate blog then it might be the reason- you haven’t choose the right product. If you are skilled or learned about web hosting, then do affiliate marketing of hosting companies. Don’t go for the electronics. It will be a time loss.

Niche blogs are doing well for this reason. You will choose the product you are interested and can tell people about that. If you have a blog that describes about everything and you are attaching affiliate links into it- be sure you will hardly make any profit from that.

Right product and right niche is an important thing for affiliate marketing.

Using Video

Using video might help you to decorate your speech. People believe more when they see the product in action and a real person describes the usefulness of the product.

A video can do three things-

  1. Live demonstration.
  2. User engagement and grab the full concentration.
  3. Increase the conversion ratio.

So, is it still look likes very easy to you? It’s hard to focus on these things and very difficult until you make your first sell. From then- you can easily get the idea- “it’s hard, but not impossible.”

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