It’s High Time We Need Another Payment Solution in Bangladesh

It's High Time We Need Another Payment Solution in Bangladesh

Before I start the discussion I want to put some light on a recent incident here in Dhaka. Just happened on 3rd December.

I had registered for a Payoneer event one or two months ago. I almost forgot when I did and also forgot about the event. This is the reminder I got from them at the last moment.


I have attended several Payoneer organized forum in Dhaka. Never been a hassle or out of a ticket. All the tickets were organized by Eventbrite and I can take them on my smartphone and check in at the venue.

This time as I wasn’t ready for the event I decided to skip.

Well.. to be honest, that was a good decision I made.

After the event, I have seen several angry people posting about the event. They were not happy.

They couldn’t get into the venue, it was already full.

They waited in the line, their time was wasted.

It was like having an invitation to a party and when you went there, they do not let you in.


I saw the video one guy posted on Facebook. The situation was bad, but not exactly like what is described in the picture. The current Payoneer ambassador for Bangladesh apologized for the unwanted situation and mismanagement. Also, a good explanation is done by Rifat Ahmed the Head of Business Development in BD.


What happened is happened, you can’t change that. There was an information gap between the management and the organizers. At least I want to see it like that.

We Need Another Payment Solution for Bangladesh

It’s high-time we need a good payment solution that can engage BD people more in online business.

To be honest, Payoneer is the only acceptable solution in our country when you want to buy anything online or want to send a payment to Facebook.

Almost 90% of the freelancers are dependent on Payoneer to get their money in Bangladesh.

Others have several options to get their money.

But, the situation here in BD for getting money quicker and cost effectively are not yet good. We had bank transfer recently opened by Payoneer and Google Adsense which gives a breeze to the earners.

Yet, if you want to sell services directly other than in the marketplace, like as directly from your website, you have to face many obstacles.

Payoneer is already established in the country. People here in BD are longing to get a Payoneer card to start spending online. Payoneer does not need to advertise in here to get new customers. They already won the race here.

The problem with Payoneer in Bangladesh are :

  • Most can’t get a card easily now, because of a lot of unused / inactive applications from Bangladesh.
  • Many do not comply with the approval process.
  • Payoneer now needs a Bank Account to approve new applications.
  • After your application is approved you do not get the card because of our slow postal system.
  • You can’t load the card with USD, at least easily from Bangladesh.

It’s like living in a country where everything is against you to do online business.

So, don’t you think we need a good option other than Payoneer to spend or get money from Bangladesh?


It Sounds Like You are Screaming for PayPal?

Yes, I do! PayPal can be the best solution in this case. PayPal is accepted in almost all the places online. Most of the online business selling is done via PayPal.

When someone asks me, why we do not have enough big e-commerce or business site from Bangladesh that serves worldwide.

One answer, PayPal like payment solution is not available in here.

Be realistic guys, as an IT person, I know what it means to have the freedom to spend online and get your money quicker in hand. we are far far away from that.

Many people like me are still using PayPal from BD. But, I can assure you that none of them are from here. We are always at risk when we do a transaction online. Sometimes the accounts get limited.


Questioning About Payoneer Support

I am a user of Payoneer since the beginning of my freelancing life. The support was pretty much good at the beginning. You could get the live chat guys easily and solve any problem quicker.

Now they have a lot of customer base and the support has gone down. It’s pretty hard to get live chat online.

Any query you want to a get answered are delayed, sometimes even for a week.

What Payoneer should concentrate in here (Bangladesh) is getting the support right. That will do the marketing for them. Organizing events without planning can’t.


Present Situation of Bangladesh for Online Business

Most of the query I get each week on my Facebook page is about getting a new Payoneer account and how they can load money from BD.

People in here Bangladesh are interested in online business, trying to learn and invest money. The problem is we can’t do that easily because of the restrictions and lack of payment solution.

I do not know what the officials and respected parties that can take action are thinking.

The major problem here are already identified, but nobody is paying enough effort to get a suitable solution.

If you have heard of the recent steps by the Gov. “Learning and Earning Project“, you might have laughed. This is not the way you do the shit. You can’t make freelancers by training overnight. Every freelancer surviving there gave night after night to get into this position and you are destroying the market.

Please stop for the sake of Youth and Digital Bangladesh.

UpWork has already closed accepting BD freelancers in some of their categories. And it’s not going to be solved pretty soon. Stop promoting freelancing, it can promote itself


PayPal Come Soon…

If anyone from PayPal is reading this by any chance, please come soon. We need a competition like you in BD market. There are a lot of opportunities for both parties. You might become the number one payment processor if you come.

And for Payoneer, please get your facts right for Bangladesh. Get the support as it was before. You are the number one international payment processor for most of the freelancers. We have high hopes for you. Please get a solution like we can integrate your payment system in eCommerce platform to sell services automatically.


Payment Solutions We are Currently Using from Bangladesh

01. Payoneer: We are grateful at least we have something that works for most of us.

02. PayPal: Almost all of them are not legal and we have many limitations to use it from Bangladesh. Not officially supported.

03. Payza – still costly and complicated. Also provides plastic cards like Payoneer.

04. Skrill : Not a cheap options for us and not suitable for online business.

05. 2Checkout: Good if you are earning a lot through selling. Can be integrated with your local bank account and Payoneer. Still costly.

So, these are the five payment processors I have already used from Bangladesh. Do you guys have any other options?

I hope in near future after 2-3 years things will be changed for us too. Till then all the best.




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