Lessons About Marketing and Web-Design [100+ Resources]

Every Friday I share some cool links with my readers to the articles and resources I used/read in that week. I believe all good things should be shared and sharing is caring. This Friday the air was getting hotter here but no rain. I was busy on making some tweaks on WordPress templates for my clients. If you have a strong attraction on web design then you might like these resources.


  • How Pinterest Can Turn Your Brand Red-Hot [INFOGRAPHIC]: It’s the new craze in social Media world. Pintertest can be a great place to market your brand. Just you have to know where and how.
  • 10 Powerful Lessons W.E.I.G.H.T.L.O.S.S. Taught Me About Social Media Marketing: Is there really anything to learn from the weight loss? Well, dragon blogger thinks there are a few.
  • Importance of Effective Blog Commenting: Blog commenting is always a good way to SEO and marketing. You can get free exposure and page rank through it. Just remember these do’s and dont’s
  • 7 Low Cost Marketing Ideas: If you are short in your budget then follow these simple rules for your small business marketing.



I have watched this cool video on YouTube. This is how you can improve your business. These are all the part of marketing efforts I were trying to learn in this week.

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