Long Tail Keywords – Basics and Benefits in SEO

In SEO lingo, as we are all aware, a keyword can be a collection of words. A person from a non-SEO background may easily confuse keywords to ‘separate words’ or wonder whether any specific “word” is being referred to as key “word”. However, keywords are not just a singular, dual or triple. At times, they may exceed in length, being termed as the ‘long tail keywords’.

Long tail keywords are those with a specific agenda – which means, a specific target.

Example for use of long tail keywords:

They can be employed when you want to specifically present something distinct. For instance, a publisher wanting to target people who want to buy a specific book, by a bestselling author, can do a keyword analysis and find out what people a looking for or typing into search engines. Now, the book may be available with many stores, but this particular person is selling them, specially autographed at his bookstore. An ideal keyword would be something that includes the book title, the term ‘autograph’ and perhaps even the name of the author. But that of course, one can say with certainty only after an analysis.

The point here is to achieve that great ranking, for that keyword, that you desire. This is a viable option for pay-per-click campaigns as well because when you know that somebody is clicking on the link, he is certainly looking for the products that you are offering as the keyword used is completely relevant to the search.

Example focusing on relevance from business point of view

It’s not like somebody types ‘children birthday’ and childcare products pop up! It’s more like ‘birthday party planning teenage children’ and if your product is related to teenage accessories or a party venue, then a person clicking on the link is certainly interested to know.

Long Tail Keywords - Basics And Benefits In SEO The only catch is that, your long tail keyword should have the right thread of words and should not be a junk collection! This can be achieved by an apt keyword research which then plays an instrumental role in targeting a market space that is smaller. Moreover, while working on SEO, the keyword research and selection of the words to be targeted can never be compromised as they form the base of all work. Going further, the other challenge that the businessman may face is creating the copy, campaign, ad text, images, etc for ‘long’ keyword because it entirely needs to be included – and that can be a difficult task. Smart working and an intelligent analysis can help capitalize on this situation and make it profitable. In many cases, this can be a way to beat the competition.


Here is an interesting image which explains with simplicity WHY long tail keywords make for good business. On the search engine, typing the more general terms results in more results – chances are that your brand is over shadowed. When the keyword is less popular, the results are fewer and your brand has more chance to be visible. As can be seen here, the limelight can easily be shifted to your business. The number of visitors may be fewer, but they are the ones who actually rope in the commercials.

Example indicating greater traffic through long tail keywords:

The very popular amazon.com has been reported to get heavy traffic from the not-so-popular terms. It has reported sales of around 57 percent through less generic, more specific keywords. This is contrast to the opinion that 80% business comes from the common terms that people use in the search engines.

With the cramped up virtual space and strife competition, even the user can not just type two words and expect to find exactly what he’s looking for! As the user becomes clearer, rather than crisp, about what he is looking for, the reign of the long tail keywords will arrive. ‘Specific’ and ‘success’ always go hand in hand and the way ahead for SEO will demand such intellect.

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