Make Emails More Secure with these Tools

Thousands of emails are sent and received each day among businesses. It is imperative that you protect your sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands. Most email providers such as Google and Yahoo already offer a high level of security for your emails. If you are using other providers it is wise to have some advanced encryption and privacy features to protect your emails further.


Enlocked works with almost any device. You can now protect your email messages without needing any complicated setup.

Enlocked protects account numbers, financial details and passwords. Enlocked allows you to send medical records, business details, etc. safely. Enlocked encrypts your messages to ensure that only the intended recipient reads the message.

Other encryption services are difficult to setup and expensive that’s why some small businesses cannot afford them. Plus, they only work on one device such as your PC. With Enlocked, you can send and read emails securely even with your smartphone.

Enlocked is a free plugin and you only need to sign up to avail of their services. Aside from email encryption, you can also add an expiration date to your messages.


RPost software is a registered email technology which you can access through web, mobile and desktop apps. You will be provided with advanced reports that contain data on email opening, forwarding, delivery, fact of encrypted delivery, times, acceptance or denial of offers and delivery failure using their patented technologies.

With RPost, you can close deals instantly because you can sign them immediately using your electronic signature. You can sign using a mouse or stylus anywhere on a document. You can attach any document to any email and send it without worrying about it being compromised.

RPost’s encryption and attachment security are compliant to HIPPA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and Sarbanes-Oxley mandates. This is very helpful if you are in the insurance, law, banking or healthcare industry.

Their services are available in 8 languages. It costs $14.99/user per month for up to 100 emails.

Microsoft Office 365 Trust Center

When we are talking about emails and security, Microsoft is never far behind. Microsoft has built some new security features into their email management tool Outlook.  With it you can send encrypted messages. You can also capture legally-binding online signatures. Fees start at $6 per month. You must also check if you need additional equipment and software to run some security services on your PC.

Protecting your emails is one step towards having a secure company so start protecting yours.

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