Marketing with Twitter Tools

Twitter is one of the biggest player in online marketing world. If you are not using it for good, than you are making too much harm to yourself. This is not a search engine optimization tool. Most of the newbie thinks that if they put a link on twitter then it is going to be indexed by Google, MSN and Yahoo. This is not the reason you should use twitter. Twitter  links are no follow. So you can’t have any search engine benefit. But you can get potential customers and they will market your goods for free.

Today I am going to tell you about some of the useful twitter tools. You can use twitter alone or with these tools. They will certainly add new benefits to your twitter journey.

01. Twitter Tools: This is the very first tools (WordPress plugin) I want to share with you. If you want to show your twitter account activities in your blog, then you should use this. This plugin will integrate the twitter account with your blog. Go here to find it-

02. Twitter feed: This application helps to spread out your rss feed content through twitter. And I think it’s a great tool to share your content among your friends and followers. Check it here- . All you have to do is register and connect your twitter account to get access. There is auto update option;  you can change that as how much tweet you want in a certain time.

03. Tweet deck: Tweet deck is a desktop client that helps to maintain your twitter accounts. You can monitor multiple twitter accounts and thus can save your time. Check here:

04. Twitpic: This is a tool to share your pictures in twitter. It will make your tweets more interesting to people. Check it here:

05. Tweet Button: This is a must plugin to decorate and tweet your posts in WordPress. There are many but topsy and tweetmeme button are my favorite. Just search the WordPress plugin directory for these you can find it easily. You can share your blog content in twitter with the tweet buttons.

06. Twitalyzer: This tool will analyze your twitter activities and other social media activities. It’s a good thing for doing serious online business and for the marketers. It helps to grow you in the social marketing areas. Check here:

07. Twiends: You have already knows about twiends. I think this is a great service. You can collect followers for your twitter and Facebook page with it. Go and check it:

08. Twit Cleaner: Tweet cleaner will help you to cleanup your twitter garbage, like- people who are not following you, time wasters, spammers, bots etc. You can utilize your twitter time more effectively using this tool. Go here:

I have listed these tools to let you know that there are some awesome great tools to help you in twitter marketing. But as you should know –there are hundreds of them and you can easily find out what will be best for you. Everyday people are making twitter apps. All you have to do is a quick search in Google. You can use this keyword “Twitter Tools”.

Let me know what is your best choice and why you like it.


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