My Hobby – My Profession and How I handle the Stress I Face

I have been working for the last month so hard that after each day I weak-up from bed I still felt tired. This shouldn’t happen. I went to bed to relax, watched a movie or listened to song before sleep, my bed is comfortable, so why is this happening to me? I had to find out the problem. And I think most of the freelancers or people who works on a computer for hours and months will certainly face this kind of problem.

This is called stress. Stress is very much bad thing for us. If we are working for a long time and can’t solve a problem in work then we get stressed. Work without fun or boring work can also bring stress. And once you have the stress problem you can’t sleep well and after wake-up you fell tired all day long.

So what is the solution?

When HOBBY becomes profession

There were many things I wished to take as my hobby. But the last one – working as a web designer was the best one I can recall now. I was tweaking and playing with the websites of mine since I was a boy in school. So, without learning from any institution I have focused on PC related topics and web programming. Now this was a very fun thing to do for me. I have spent sleepless nights and days to find out graphics and spaces for my websites I made. Learned a lot of things on the way. Some were good and some were bad.

The best part were I was learning with an interest and within a short time I learned a years thing. It wasn’t possible for me to learn from school. Specially in this short time. After graduation when I saw there are opportunities to take this hobby as my profession I have taken the chance. And now I am working as a full time web-designer and blogger. So, my hobby became my profession.

The problem starts from here. When your hobby becomes your profession, there is a great chance that you overwork at what you are doing and fall in stress and tension. This mental pressure can cause severe damage to your personal life and health.

Now it’s time to start some other activities than your profession. It is necessary to choose another hobby now. Because, your hobby has become your profession and you need another thing to relax your mind and get away from the stress of work.

I started cycling

We do not do a lot of physical exercise and thus are easily affected by the stress problem. I have started cycling from last couple of months and it seems that my condition has improved. Cycling is my new hobby and I found it’s exciting when I am running on a bicycle at a speed of 30 or 40 KM/h. Cycling is a good exercise that build up confidence and your muscles (which has became loose sitting before a computer) started to regain the power again.

cycling can reduce stress

I can commute easily from one place to another, saves my money and burning the extra fat of my body- for all these reason I have chosen this as my hobby now.

Go visit a friend

Right now right on turnoff the smartphone and Facebook or whatever social network you are on- and visit a friend physically. Stay the weekend together have some caffeine or grab a bear do some party. Whatever man, just stay away from the social networks and meet real people. It will help you to reduce the work stress.

Don’t maintain any routine in the weekend. It’s Party time.

Nature can be the ultimate stress reliever

If you do not go out for a long time then you are missing a lot of things. The beauty, the excitement and the feel of love. Just getting out in the sun and burning your skin is also helpful. It can reduce the chance of getting ill and some critical diseases like cancer and hart-attack.

Right now, after watching the video I hope you understand there are many ways  you can remove the stress and unnecessary tension from your life. Actually, you can do nothing being tensed. Sometime it even hampers the work flow. Working is good but a little fun with the work makes it more interesting and productive. Forget the problems you can’t handle. Stop worrying what can’t be done by you and live a little longer!!! Remember:- All Work and no play – Makes Jack a Dull Boy.

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