MyThemeShop’s Viral Theme Review

I have been a customer of MyThemeShop for more than two years. In this time I have used several of their themes on my own blog and for my client’s site development.

MyThemeShop has come a long way since their beginning. I am also a user of Envato (ThemeForest) marketplace. Envato is on my top list because of the theme collection they have. They are an old company with ever growing theme repository.

On the other hand, MyThemeShop is not that much old, but they have already created a good competition in the market. They are releasing superb quality theme one after another on a regular interval.

If you have a membership option in the MyThemeShop, you can avail more than 90 premium quality theme from a single account. This facility is not offered by ThemeForest or most of the company.

The standard price for the stand alone theme is almost similar or less than other companies.

Why I love MyThemeShop Themes?

A theme is the first thing you should take in consideration while making a site with WordPress. A good theme can make your site more user-friendly and minimize your SEO and development cost.

I am a blogger and online marketer. I have several niche blogs where I used MyThemeShop themes because I can get them at a good price, they theme are very much light and user-friendly.

Newly Released Viral Theme

I am going to show you some of the features of the Viral theme from MyThemeShop. This is a new theme released very recently by the team.
The theme has already all the signature features of MyThemeShop.

  1. It’s user-friendly
  2. SEO optimized
  3. Optimized for all device sizes
  4. The size of the theme zip file is only 4.01 MB.

The size of the theme file indicates that MyThemeShop team is focused to organize the theme without cluttering it with unnecessary files and images.
When you download a theme from ThemeForest or any other market place you can compare the zip file size of the themes. Definitely, most of them are bigger than MyThemeShop’s theme.

Yes, it helps me to install them via the WP-Theme install option.

The theme download section of MyThemeShop includes all the necessary documentation and files you will need.

So, who can use the Viral theme?

The theme is focused for the general bloggers who use Social Media as their main point of marketing. Ever saw sites like 9Gag or meme center? They have the same kind of marketing strategy. They use social media for their marketing focal point.

The viral theme is focused on displaying the featured image larger on the home page. Also, there is option to change the layout grid via a JQuery button on the top right. Pretty intelligent.

MyThemeShop's Viral Theme Review 1

You can see the top carousel slider of posts on the home page and on the single page for getting better click through.

This is a perfect theme for anyone going to start a fun site, personal blog or a blogger who loves to write about photography.

I am not sure but more niche can be adapted to this theme. But, remember that this is an image focused blog layout.

All of the MyThemeShop themes are designed with a wonderful theme options panel. You can never know how easy to use it and change all the design and layout, fonts and colors from inside the theme panel.

The viral theme comes with 4 or 5 necessary plugins after installing that, it is very unlikely you will need any-other plugins for layout, design and social sharing.

There are several pre built-in widgets for social shares and social media follow buttons. You do not need to install extra plugins if you use this theme.
The social buttons can be positioned above header, below the header or as floating on the side, or completely turned them off.

MyThemeShop's Viral Theme Review 2

Like other themes from MyThemeShop, there is an option to add custom code in the header and footer. You can easily do that by theme options panel on the General Settings tab.

MyThemeShop's Viral Theme Review 3

Another mention-able thing is the Ad Management section. Here you can insert advertisement code to insert below the post headline or at the very end of the post.

MyThemeShop's Viral Theme Review 4

Although most MyThemeShop theme comes with 3 slots for inserting Ad, the Viral theme has only two. This is because the top advertisement position is taken by the Carousel slider.

The Homepage section of theme option is the most versatile are. You can decide what default layout you want to show, author name and social buttons can be included or not and what categories you want to show in the top Carousel Slider.

Almost all the customization one need for their blog can be found in the theme options panel. If you want to change the color and fonts, just go to the Typography tab.

MyThemeShop's Viral Theme Review 5

It’s been much time I need to change the color, size and font style of other theme and that I did via custom CSS. No need to worry about them in Viral theme. Just mark the one you need to change and do the styling from inside the theme options panel.

In the Typography section, you can target any text element for styling and also select the fallback style if the first one fails to load. Good for mobile and browser dependency.

For Example, you want to have only a single sidebar widget to get a different text style than others, just do it in here.

Of course, there are options to include custom CSS in the Styling tab, but the theme is made to make your customization as easier as it can be.

For the novice users, who do not know how to arrange the elements of a theme, there is a superb option to import the 4 pre-defined layouts. With one click you can have your newly installed site look like the demo one.

MyThemeShop's Viral Theme Review 6

From my point of view, this is one theme you can easily consider for your next project. The theme is priced $59 and you can get a discount if you have a coupon.

Things to remember:

  • It is always better to get the yearly subscription as they will save you a lot of money. You can get all the themes and plugins like WP Mega Menu and Pro-Subscribe Widget, WP-Tap Widget Pro etc. in the subscription.
  • On sale occasion, you can get a theme as low as for $9 to $19.
  • MyThemeShop’s themes are SEO friendly, optimized for faster loading and cleanly coded.
  • Viral theme is pre optimized for Woo-Commerce.

Get the theme now at a discounted price.

Theme Demo | Download Viral Theme

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