New Bloggers Should Read This: Making a Profitable Blog

If you are going to start a blog that will make you money or already have one to start blogging then you should check out these points.

These things are the basics when you are planning and going to design your blog. At least it is for those who really want to earn through their blog.

How Well is Your Blog Structure?

You have to keep in mind that you are not alone in the niche you are trying to make money. There are many other bloggers on the same subject and topics. So to be unique is the thing you should try. Your blog should be well structured with navigation pan for the novice users. I mean this has to be like that anyone can browse through the menus and categories.

Every page or post you do must have a purpose in your blog. Quality of a content is always useful that attracts the search engines and the people visits repeatedly.

If possible or needed, you can attach a forum or discussion area where you can engage directly with your readers.  Some blogs use the subscription form to grab the email address and builds a list. This is a great idea to keep the readers engaged.

Choosing the Right Affiliate

This is another important thing. You have to choose that affiliate that is on your niche. Suppose you are writing about tech and gadgets then you shouldn’t choose an affiliate of eBooks. Choose something that sells electronics.

Writing Quality:

Never forget the thing that your readers are very much educated and will be choosey. Therefore, the writing style and delivered contents has to be well written. The provided info should be stay on the topics or things you are selling (if you sell anything).

Before publishing any post do the proof reading two times. In addition, if needed add some videos or pictures with your content. Most of the time happy readers are the converted customers .

Domain Name

Some of the marketer thinks that this is not that much important. You can do good SEO to any domain. Yap, I have seen that, but a related domain take less effort to be popular and the readers understand it well. So try to start your blog on keyword rich domain.

In my experience, .com is always better to start a blog. Avoid the free host and try to host on paid hosting plan.


Collecting stats of your visitors is a must thing. You have to understand the visitor’s trend and which keyword they are using to get your blog from search engine. You might find out the faults in your site through the stats and make necessary moves.

Blog Marketing

This is the single most important thing to do. As much publicity and SEO work you can do, you will increase your visitors that much. Increase in visitor number means increase in sells.

– Commenting

– Link building

– Article marketing

– Forum Posts

– Directory Submission

– Guest posting

– Offline and free marketing opportunities.

These are some common way to market your niche blog. As for me, I am still doing all the things in this list. This is a continuous process and after a time you can see you don’t have to do it very often. So, let’s roll to work.

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