New to SEO? Google Page Rank Beginners Guide

If you run your own website or online business then you can never afford to ignore the importance of Search Engine Optimization. SEO is one of the most powerful and affordable ways to promote our business.

Search engines are THE main driving factor behind movement on the web (followed closely by Facebook). If you can achieve and maintain a high page rank on searches related to your business, then you should be attracting a much higher volume of traffic than your competitors. In order to get the best rankings you need to know how Google Page Rank really works.

What is Google Page Rank?

All search engines use their own processes to crawl the web and return results on requested keywords and keyphrase searches. Google uses the Page Rank system. This algorithm was designed by the Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page. The effectiveness of Page Rank is the key to the success of Google. Becoming the best search engine in the world is about being able to return highly relevant results in mere moments.

  • Page Rank is a numeric value that can help Google determine just how important a page is in relation to the others available on the web.
  • Page Rank determines the value of a website according to the search term provided.
  • This value is dependent on a wide range of factors, outside the walls of Google we can only speculate what they are.
  • One key way we know Page Rank does work though is by looking at how websites link together. If a website has links with other popular and credible websites then it is deemed more appropriate and given a higher rank score in the search engine results.
  • Another important aspect which determines your PR is optimized content. Think about it, if the text on your site doesn’t contain the relevant keywords or phrases, then you can kiss your online business goodbye.
  • Page Rank isn’t the only value used by Google to determine the results from searches but it is credited with being one of the systems that sets Google apart from the competition.

Why You Need to Understand Page Rank

If you do not understand how Page Rank works then you could be missing out on high volumes of traffic

  • As mentioned above, Page Rank looks closely at how your website is linked to other websites.
  • If you have a number of quality links to other reliable, reputable and relevant websites then your score will be higher. This can help to push you up the page ranking results.
  • By making sure you have quality content you can increase the chances of garnering reputable links from other sources.
  • You should also strive to include outgoing links on your site, not too many, and no spam. Reputable links are worth more than you can imagine.
  • Without quality links you could be falling behind your competitors when it comes to achieving the top slots on the ranking results pages.


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