Do not See Order a Card Option in Your Payoneer Account?

Payoneer has a new update for its Bangladeshi users. From now on, they will not be able to order a card after opening a new account.

Previously Payoneer used to send a card after an account is approved. But, many people started to misuse this opportunity. People who do not need or are not able to use it, tend to order a card.

This is not a good business for Payoneer. So the updated the following.

It means, the accounts from Bangladesh will be eligible to order a card if their account receive at least $30 payment and they can withdraw via bank account transfer if $50 is available in the account.

There is no extra charge for ordering or shipping the card like before.

I really like the steps Payoneer taken!

This was necessary. There were several groups that were selling the Payoneer card, although it is free. People who needed Payoneer card just to show off.

Now you can get an approved Payoneer account, but you won’t get a card unless you are a real user. Thank you, Payoneer for the update.

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