Online Surveys and My Thought

I have got plenty of questions from my readers and friends about online survey. I have already written that earning by online survey from Bangladesh is not possible. But still I am getting continuous emails about this matter. So I think- I should clear my thought about this.

Online Surveys and My Thought 1

The fact is that online survey is to test the consumer behavior about a product. And most of the time the consumers are from the developed countries. Asian countries don’t have their attentions. So if you are from an Asian country, then it is hard for you to earn by online paid surveys.

There is another thing that the earning potential is very low. You can’t spend a lot of time on one survey that may give you only $0.50. That’s just an example. So you have to wait a long time to get paid.

So, in my personal opinion “I don’t like online surveys”. I am not telling that they don’t pay. Just saying that, they are not worth of the time you have to spend.

But if you have a direct proposal to take surveys from the company that will pay you good, then that is OK, more than OK. I will sell my opinions for a reasonable price. If they can pay that, I have no problem.

So dear readers, I am not against the online surveys. Just carefully choose your one. Google is best to search about this. Please don’t ask me about the best survey sites. I won’t answer. They don’t pay me to do that. Thanks.

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