Open Two Gmail Account at a Time

Gmail is one of the best mail services of today’s web. For different kind of purpose we open GMail and some of us have more than one account. For those who have more than one account – GMail has brought a new service. From Now on they can login to multiple accounts at time in the single browser window. This is how you can do it-

01. To activate the service you have to go to your Gmail settings or and under “personal Settings” you will find the activation link for multiple sign in. it may be off by default. Turn it on and hot the save button.

02. Now go to your Gmail account from the browser. Login normally in to the first account. You are already logged in. This is your primary account. Look at the top right corner where appears before the settings link. Click on the name- it will drop down and give you a new option now to log in to another account.

03. Log in to your second account (it might open in a new window) and then you can change which account to view from the drop down.

Remember you can only change your viewing account once from the primary Gmail inbox. Gmail still hasn’t open the option to move from secondary to primary inbox again (You can always hit the back button).

Not all the services will be open for you in the second Gmail ID. You have to use your primary Gmail account.


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