Optimize Website Conversion

Website optimization conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to your website that actually become or convert into customers. That doesn’t necessarily refer to just the people who actually buy an item.

While a sale is certainly the basic goal of your online business, there could be other aim of online marketing. It may be that you want them to sign up for a newsletter or take part in a contest or promo. The main thing is to get your visitors to act on what you’re offering.

Conversion Tracking

Who Visits your Site?

Traffic is essentially linked to conversions. What you have to understand about traffic is that it isn’t a homogenous group.

People reach your website through various channels depending on what online marketing schemes you implemented. How targeted your promotional campaigns are and the scope of your niche also affects the mix. So there will be certain types of visitors who will be easier to motivate and there will be those who will likely leave.

The trick then is to know which kinds of visitors your site really needs. To do this you need to be able to differentiate your traffic. Even at the promotional stage of your online marketing you can already implement tactics that would increase chances of conversion.

Let’s say your online store sells computer tables. Do you get more traffic from search keywords such as “office computer table” or “home computer table?” Those are two very different types of potential costumers.

What Do They Do There?

Along with their own reasons and needs, the various elements on your site are going to affect how your visitors act once they get there. Will they read the feature on your homepage, click-through to the other pages or browse the image catalog of your products? It could be any number of things tied to the content and design aspects of your site.

As much as possible you need to get a clear and detailed picture of your visitors’ behavior. Everything from the color and position of a click able button to restating your guarantees and return policy at the checkout page is going to have an impact on that behavior. This is how you can accurately evaluate how effective your site is in driving your business goals and decide on what optimization changes you need to carry out.

Testing the Elements


Fortunately there are several web analytics tools available that can help you gather all this important information. There are tracking applications that can trace where your traffic comes from. Then there are services like Google Web Optimizer, conversion tracking Google analytics, which you can use to test the effectiveness of every element on a webpage simultaneously. By taking the time to learn these tools, you can successfully increase the profitability of your online business.

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