Paid Theme or Free Theme, Which One to Choose?

When you first started to blog, you might have chosen the free themes for your blog. Most of the bloggers does, even I did it also. The possibility to find a great free theme for your WP blog is vast. The community has extended a lot and due to enough competition, they are providing the bloggers with lots of free themes and plugins.

However, what is the better option for a pro-blogger for someone who decided to take blogging seriously? Can you go on with the free themes or you need paid premium themes?

Free or Paid?

The main differences between free and paid themes are in the option panel. Free themes are mostly free because people who are making them get back-links from the theme when someone uses their theme. Therefore, their main aim is to get back-links, not to provide what is needed for your site or blog. Ya, it is true that they will try to make an attractive template, but I do not need an attractive template. What I need now- is something that will give me more comfort and power of modification.

Here is the time when you should choose a paid template. I have used several free themes once and seen that they are a little bit unhealthy for modification for a novice user. In addition, paid themes like thesis, genesis or woo themes already has so many option in their theme panel that you can choose at there what you want to modify.

There is no problem in using a free theme from a reliable source like WordPress, but often the free themes from unreliable location contains iframes and codes that you won’t want to have in your blog. Now they encrypt the code in such a way that most people cannot remove it. If there are suspicious codes in your theme then you should check it carefully- there is always a chance to get hacked.

These are some reason why I choose paid themes over free themes. Template editing might be a problem for some people who do not know how to do it or do not have the time. Paid theme is a better option for them.

For SEO purpose I always recommend to use paid themes. Using Meta tags for each page and categories, custom title and some other on page SEO options it is always very much easy with the paid themes. Whereas, if you are not an expert you can’t put them in your free theme’s template.

It is not an option (free theme) for a professional blogger or the person who are willing to do business. For security, flexibility and for the sake of your business you should use a paid theme. Paid themes developers offers updates and support for their themes, as they have been paid for that. Most of the free themes will not offer this.

Another thing – be sure about that the design offered by a free theme is never comparable with a paid theme. Paid theme developers spend plenty of hours and their valuable research on how to make their theme best. This is their business and they do not want to let it go down. So you can get the best from a paid one.

If you have to use the free themes then use the ones WP directory is hosting. You can find them here: Also some paid theme sellers provides free themes with less functionality, but it is always better to choose a paid one.

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