Payoneer Email Scam Alert, You Need to be Careful Before it is Late

I do not need to introduce Payoneer to you again, but for the fresher here is the link.

Last Sunday I got an email in my inbox that looked like this.

Payoneer-scam-alert (1)

This shows that I have a pending payment and I need to take action for the fund to load.

This is normal as I get regular payment through Payoneer.

Though I get confused as this wasn’t any scheduled transaction time for me. The orange anchor link and everything else shows like it’s from Payoneer payment.

But after I checked the header of the mail I saw it is from!!!

This raised my suspicion in the first place.

Payoneer do not send mail from that kind of domain. It is always from

The e-mail also came to a e-mail that is not associated with my Payoneer account.

The amount is also suspicious as I didn’t remember to load any amount like that. This is actually a brilliant amount choice that most people can’t resist.

The login URL didn’t have a SSL certificate, Payoneer has it.

Here, this was the URL. I do not know how long this will be up.

Knowing that it was a phishing mail and the link is also not genuine, I clicked on and here is the page I went to.

If  you closely look at the image, the link in the address bar is totally different and not from your regular Payoneer login page.

It is from the same phishing domain

I stopped here. I do not dare to put my e-mail and password here to login.

If you got a mail like this and put your login details for checking what is the source of money, your account details will pass to the scam artist.

Please be alert, this is going to make a lot of trouble for you.

I was more curious about the domain and I checked the whois details and found this.

Payoneer-scam-alert (3)

So, be careful before you login into your Payoneer account.

I have got same kind of e-mail for Skrill and PayPal.

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