Problem I Faced With Moneybookers (Skrill)

I have been using moneybookers for quite sometime. Moneybookers is one of the cheapest way I can transfer money from oDesk to my local BRAC Bank account. Anyway, I never faced any massive problem withdrawing with moneybookers. The two problems I faced are discussed bellow.


The $15 Charged by Moneybookers(Skrill)

Recently there been some problem like – cutting off an extra charge of around $15 while transferring money to my local bank. I have contacted both my bank and moneybookers – and both of them replied:- they do not have any extra charge applied on the transaction.

Moneybookers (skrill) said there might be some charges from the intermediary banks they use to transfer the money. Well, this explains the case. And I have also seen the pattern that I am charged the extra $15 only when I withdraw more than $90 in my bank. Those times- when I have withdrawn less than $90 in my bank from MB(skrill) – I haven’t been charged. :). Is this information helpful for you?

Definitely…:), If you are going to transfer less than $400 then split it in several amount to transfer in less than $90. The total charges of MB(Skrill) applies will be less than $15 for these 4 times. And if the amount is greater than $400 then do the transfer normally. You have to bear the $15 charge.

Don’t blame me- blame JP MORGAN for that.

Account Verification With Moneybookers (Skrill):

I had my addressed verified with moneybookers and so wasn’t  facing any problems transferring money. Recently a small amount got freezed in my MB(Skrill) account and I was told to verify my bank account to verify my name. Well, this was a funny thing as I had already used MB for more than a year.

Anyway, as I contacted with them they asked for bank account statement and national ID card. I have provided them with the screenshot of my BRAC Bank online account transaction which had the moneybooers trasaction listed in it. My name and account number was also visible in the screenshot. So, after 2 days my bank account got verified. :).I am withdrawing normally again now.

If anyone of you still haven’t verified there bank account please do so. This is better not to be get locked in the time when you need money badly.

Freelancers don’t hesitate to ask any question in the comments if you are facing problems. I will answer any question in my knowledge related to moneybookers except the silly ones. 🙂

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