Why You Should Do Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a great concern to the webmasters. Sometimes they pay a lot of money to the SEO services to do that.

The main problem is that we do not know exactly how search engines work and how they rank the websites. But still, there are some common tips that always come handy in search engine optimization.

There are two questions to be asked by the bloggers-

  1. Does your blog need SEO?
  2. How to do it?

So there are things to discuss on these two questions. If you are like me and looking for a high rank in the search engines then read, otherwise, you are already an expert.

Why You Should Do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 1

Why SEO is important?

First of all, if you are a blogger then you have to learn a little bit SEO. If you are a webmaster then it is essential for you to keep an eye on this matter.

Just think about it- you are going to be busy building contents for your website and you have a target population to show it.

But how could you do this two job at a time?

Either you have to do one and pay someone else to do another, Or do both one after one. Which certainly needs a lot of time.

So doing marketing strategies and the content building at the same time is not going to be easy for one person.

Then what to do?

It will be better if you can build your contents and do a little bit SEO at the same time to market it to the whole world.

Everyone use the search engines, so why not you try to be enlisted in the top? Not easy, but possible. Its a continuous process of getting visitors to your blog or website.

SEO is the better alternative of all marketing strategies. You can get new visitors every time someone searches for the keywords you define. So what do you think?

How to start optimizing?

It’s hard to tell that which method works best to be enlisted on the top of the search engines. Search engines never disclosed their hidden formulas.

So we have to keep our eyes on those things that still look like the best option to optimize a blog or website. Not a hard job, but it is time-consuming.

Let’s discuss the main three points first.

01. Growing up slowly:

You must have heard that backlinks have great impacts on SEO. It may not be directly connected with the serp ranking or moz ranking, but backlink always brings some new visitors to your blog or website.

That’s why everyone needs backlinks. The fact is that if you are getting visitors from the same kind of niche then you are getting popular. But if you think that a link back from any higher page rank site can earn you high rank then you might be wrong.

You get visitors; you will earn page rank in serp- that’s the truth. But if you try to spam and trying to link up with so many sites within a very short time, then this might affect your ranking.

Google and other search engines might think you as a spammer. Even when you paid for the links – it can harm your reputation and gets you blacklisted. So grow up in link building strategy, but do it slowly.

02. Write quality content:

If you are a blogger then you should know that contents quality defines that- are you going to stay or wind up in the race?

It is the greatest thing that a blogger needs. If you have high-quality contents and new ideas to present then nobody is going to be more popular than you.

So writing skill will be the main thing that you can use as your weapon on the web. Quality content attracts more visitors and as a result, you will get a high ranking.

03. Work with patience:

Now this is the main thing you have to keep in mind –You are not going to see your SEO result within a short period of two or three months.

Search Engine Optimization needs time and more time needed to get the result. Because search engines don’t work instantly to give you the result.

There are a huge number of websites and blogs, yours is one of them. Give it some time and continue optimizing (like link building) with patience. You will get the result after some time. Don’t give up.

10 Simple SEO Tips

01. Use your Meta Description correctly. They are one of the important factors for the search engine bots.

02. Website or blog titles are really important. Choose carefully and don’t change it very often. It’s better to keep it same for a long time.

03. Creating an about us page in aboutus.com or on your site will make it more preferable to the visitors and bots.

04. When you are posting on your blog- keep an eye on the title of the article or post. Make sure it is keyword containing and your article is not nested with too many same keywords.

05. Try to use an SEO plugin like “All in One SEO” or “Yoast” in your blog. It will help you to put the keywords more easily.

06. Don’t input your desired keyword more the 4 or 5 times in an article.

07. Creating a sitemap will always help.

08. Remember that a privacy policy is must to most of the indexing engines and directory. So make one.

09. Images must have alternate text.

10. Try to keep your main page clean from too many choices and option. Don’t let the search engine bots or your users to be confused.

There are hundreds of things to do. But I hope these simple tips will help you to start on. Remember one thing “slow and steady wins the race” is 100% true in blogging.


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