The Best Ad Dimension Cheat Sheet for Facebook, Google Adwords, Twitter and LinkedIn

Apart from SEO, I always talk about paid campaign for your marketing. Those who are into affiliate marketing knows that what a paid campaign can do to your earnings.

This feels great when you invest 100 to 500 bucks in a campaign and that gets you thousands of visitors with lot of leads.

It’s not like all of them will convert into sell, but…

…But most of them will when you are doing a paid campaign. Yes, that is from my own experience.

Why you need to do paid marketing?

There is no problem with doing SEO for the long-term, it takes less money and take a lot of time to climb up in the ladder of rankings.

So, if you have time you can walk on that path and see the results. But, when you are on a business and trying to make it a good one, you need to do some paid marketing on the social channels.

Not your regular sharing on Facebook and commenting on YouTube or random tweeting. Better than that, you need to reach the targeted people in a group, or in a city/country, of a particular interest.

And, obviously in a short time. When you share your content, for example on Facebook, you do not have the ultimate control on how many people will see that and what majority will take action on that.

When you are doing that with paid marketing, you are selecting your niche, targeted region, likes and time of the day. Bang! this is how top marketers are promoting.

Believe me, I have been there, trying so much to get profit of my all social media activities. I wanted my posts to go viral, my page to be liked by millions! But, It never happened.

Because it wasn’t practical.

Unless you are already a pro, or a celebrity – nobody is going to follow you quickly on twitter or your page are not going to get viral that easily. It is not going to happen in present situation.

Content is the prime value, but after publishing a good content (which I assume you can do) you need to spend more time and money on promoting it. The blog sphere is chaotic.

Unless you have the David Copperfield charisma, your content is just going to be another one in the deep blue sea.

People spend more time on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn now than anytime before. You need to focus there for your market expansion.

This whole infographic from is about how to determine the best possible ad sizes for the Social Media. It’s focused on 4 major Social Media channel.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Pinterest
  4. LinkedIn

Till now I was explaining to you why you need to go for paid marketing. Now you need to know some basic things for marketing in these social channels.

Ad sizes and the content length (character limits) goes with it determines how much beautifully you are able to optimize your ads.

Each of these social media channels have their own rules and sizes for advertisement. They do also placement differently. Price, Ad dimension, content type and placement on their channels differs for every company.

The following inforgraphic is going to give you the best ad dimension idea you should follow and I think you better save it for future. This is a great cheat sheet for the starters.

The Best Ad Dimension Cheat Sheet for Facebook, Google Adwords, Twitter and LinkedIn

The Best Ad Dimension Cheat Sheet for Facebook, Google Adwords, Twitter and LinkedIn


Recently I have seen a lot of traffic from pinterest. This channel I haven’t optimized lately. I was just pinning casually from time to time.

But, after the recent boom I gave more attention to this channel and increased the followers and visitors number by 8%.

I know this is not much and I am sure this is going to increase continuously.

I have shared another content on this “how you can use social media for your business”. You can check that infograph first for help.


What is your favorite channel for marketing? Do you like to share a word with our readers? Please put that in the comment section.

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