The Money Making List

I am describing the money making opportunities from online for a long time. Some people yet always ask me –“what is the best way to make money online?”  I have to make them disappointed. Actually most of these people want to know about the shortcut way to earn big money online.

For the reminder – there are no easy or shortcut way to make money online. You have to spend your time and labor to earn online. And this is not an easy job. Again there is no single way that is best to make money. Online is not money making machine. It is a business place like the real world, where most of the real world’s products or services are sold.

In here I am going to make a list of my favorite money making ideas and ways. These are not the best as I said earlier but I assure you that these things work.

01. Google Adsense and other PPC Ads

02. Freelancing Job

03. Article Writing

04. Web Design

05. Affiliate Marketing

06. Paid to Click sites (PTC)

07. Stock Photography

08. Referral Bonus (Sometimes work as affiliate marketing)

09. Blogging (May be the best way around)

10. Providing SEO services (You need some setup for this)

12. Selling Your Ideas

13. Web Hosting and Domain Business (Good amount of investment needed)

14. Working as Data Entry Person

15. Online Survey

So, for now I remember these are in my favorite list. I think there are a lot of more ways to do the job online. It’s better if you can choose what you are comfortable with and what you can do. After that you can decide what is best for you.

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