The Three Golden Rules of Profitable Blogging for Transitional Writers

Making money by writing blogs is an ideal job – you get to work from home, you can spread your opinion, and you get to flex your creative muscles. But getting paid for anything means that you are going to have to appease certain powers that be, and the same applies to blogging. You will have a boss, who will report to other people, who will have demands and bosses all of their own.  Too many first time bloggers make the same mistakes over and over.

This little list has the three golden rules of profitable blogging, taken from personal experience, that can help you get through the awkward transition from promising voice on a soap box to a serious player in the world of making online money.

Rule Number 1: Be Prepared To Adapt

As I mentioned above, there is very much a chain of command when it comes to producing blogs for companies and cash, and as much as you feel like a creative rebel with a writing cause, you need to be prepared to change things up and write on the given tasks and topics. If you get sent a request for a blog post, it means that a big company has outsourced the work, presumably so that they can keep things fresh and original, and somehow that work has landed at the fingertips of your boss.

Note that I am starting you at the bottom of the pile – if you are reading this from a position of slightly more power, then please preach the messages you find here to the minions below you.  Regardless of where you are in the hierarchy, there are certain requirements that you have to meet. You have to be able to change your narrative voice, your diction, your register, your vocabulary, your whole writing approach – at the risk of sounding cliché, you need to be a chameleon.

The ability to write about anything at the client wants, in the way that they need, is a skill that separates those making the serious money blogging from those who get a few cents for saying what they want. Again, this is from personal experience. If you don’t want to believe me, then bear in mind that you will not get paid for work that gets rejected.  And neither will your boss, which means that the likelihood of you getting more work is minimal.

So put away that artistic licence and rebellious streak, and be prepared to do what is asked of you.

Rule Number 2: Stay Professional

The biggest problem that I’ve experienced with new bloggers is that  they seem to forget that are working for money. They fail to translate their talent into something that can be used for money. This is characterized by a tendency to miss deadlines, over familiarity with their superiors and a generally poor work attitude.

You have to get used to the idea that this is a business. Think of writing your blogs as going to work – get to your office, deliver the best product that you can, and do it on time. As a blogger you have the benefit of working from home, so make the most of your time – if you are in the position where blogging is a reality then you obviously have the typing skills and technical savoir faire to get through a workload. If you work for a big company and your productivity is low, you can expect to see that pink slip coming in the post.

The same is true of writing blogs. A lazy, unproductive writer will get the boot. Conversely, if you take a proactive approach, you will get ahead, get more work done, and make more money for yourself and for those who rely on you.

Rule Number 3: Stay Creative

Blogging is an art form, a creative platform that allows talented writers to use their skills to generate money. You can create your own style (but always remember the first two rules), but you will need to adapt with the times. Many bloggers, even business bloggers, develop followings of people that enjoy their offerings.

If you stagnate and keep talking about the same old things, people will lose interest fast, which means less traffic to your blog, less money, less happiness, less work. It’s a pretty rapid fall. Boring is never good. So it’s up to you as a blogger, or the manager of a team of writers, to make sure that the content of the blogs is engaging, exciting and appealing at all times.

A gifted writer will be able to grow and stay ahead of what is expected, so make sure that you are one of these.

In terms of layout, you can also spice things up by using WordPress plug ins, video additions, unusual related links, and a social media presence. You need to push the envelope as much as you can, so that you can keep all concerned happy.

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