Three Fresh Ideas to Get a Job Online

With today’s unemployment rate hovering near 10%, and exceeding that in some sections of the country, using every tool imaginable to search for a job has become standard.  Using the internet to efficiently and effectively perform your job search will be a real boon in increasing your chances.

Three Fresh Ideas to Get a Job Online 1

Use the Big Guys

The three main search engines for job searchers are, and Yahoo’s hotjobs.  These search engines are huge, and so jobs from all over the country and from every spectrum of career choice are included. You have to be really careful about how you search, since you can waste a lot of time contacting employers that are 3,000 miles away, not recruiting in your field, etc. Filter your request carefully and try to be as specific as possible.

Many job searchers have had luck with Craigslist, which acts almost like the old print version of the want ads, divided according to geographical region and career field.  Craigslist, however, concentrates more on major cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York.


There are certain sites that focus on specific fields, and if you can find one that matches your job search, your chances will certainly increase. Anyone in the medial profession should check MediaBistro. If you have experience in the non profit world, is a job data base for openings in the non profit sector. If you have concentrated on environmental jobs (smart you, since the government is supporting this sector strongly), look to TreeHugger. is a leader for jobs in the health care field, still one of the few growth areas for new jobs. Financial positions can be found at eFinancialCareers.  And Linkedin, though not a job search site per se, can hook you up with professionals in your field and a little networking may lead to an interview.

Of course, if you are in a licensed or certified profession, such as accounting, contacting your professional organization is always a good place to start, since employers realize you will be visiting the official site and reading their publication.

Consider a Career Switch

Especially if you have been out of the job market on unemployment for a while, you may find that some of what you considered your valuable skills are no longer considered that valuable. You may have to consider retraining in a more in demand field, or at least upgrading your existing skills to compete in the current market.

Sometimes it may merely be a question of honing your skills, for example a computer programmer may have more success in the job market if he can add game programming to his skill set. If you have been on unemployment, make sure you take advantage of any of the training programs offered by the Labor Department, and be sure to learn about any funding they may have for re-training for new skills.

Don’t be discouraged, there is a job out there for you, just be patient and learn the right steps.

In these tough economic times, many of us are looking for work. And we use the Web to look for one to avoid the hassle of walk-ins. protect yourself against getting scammed online.

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