Tools and Secrets of Better Blogging that Helps You Make Money

Previously in 2015, I started a series of posts where I shared tools and resources for my loyal readers. That series is coming back again in this January 2016. These were the things I read or stumbled on web.

Tools and Secrets of Better Blogging that Helps You Make Money

Blogging has evolved from passion to money making for me. I think same goes for many of you. If that is the case then you will find this resources very much handy.

In 2015 I have spent a lot less time blogging and worked for the clients a lot. Obviously this generated a handsome amount, but my goal wasn’t achieved. I do not want working for them my whole life. At some point I have to create my own online business other than selling services. So this year I have set a goal to be more consistent in my blogging.

I have started reading and collecting the best resources from the successful bloggers.

How to do better in blogging or generating content

At the very first I have found a simple infographic that will help you to start your blogging. Assuming that either you missed the whole point or somehow jumped to this post without knowing how to become successful in blogging.

The hardest and the most longer part of blogging is generating good quality content. The uniqueness of your content defines how good you are in your niche.

But, generating content is not easy. Generating better content is harder.

We will get to the point. Let’s start with some simple rules you must follow from the very beginning of your blogging career.

how-to-become successful in blogging

Infographic courtesy: Webhostingsecretrevealed

So there are 5 key points here:

01. Use the Right Tools for creating your blog. WordPress is my first choice.

02. Narrow Your Niche

03. Build a Network

04. Do Something Noteworthy and give your readers an excuse to come back again.

05. Offer Real Value, it’s like engaging them privately. Let them know your struggle and what you did in that exact situation they are now. The more you give to your readers the greater the number of loyal followers you get.

What are the keys to become a successful blogger?

We can’t make everything perfect when we do all by ourselves. Same goes for blogging. Success in blogging is not a mystery. It’s a choice that you decide to work hard towards your blogging career.

So, what are the secrets of the successful bloggers?

It has seen that only 20% of the worldwide bloggers generate the most traffic. What is the key to their success?

The Keys to Become a Successful Blogger

Infographic courtesy : Nexlable


So many facts and stats right? 🙂 You will be amazed to learn that every successful bloggers spends countless hours to create their content and spent more time sharing them.

If you are stuck with ideas for content in your blog, you can see this post of Tamal Anwar: 16 Types of Blog Content for Those Who Are Not Good at Writing.

Tamal is a fellow blogger from my country. We discuss a lot when we meet about how contents are changing and what can be done to gain more traffic.

Another one I have for you from Entrepreneur site: 5 Fast, Easy and Free Blog Idea Generators That Will Change the Way You Write. This sure is a good read. When you are out of ideas what to write about, these tools describe on the post will help you. All that you need is getting fix your keywords.

How to do image editing for your blog posts

01. 20 Killer Blogging Tools for Customizing Your Content: Images are like caffeine for your readers.  A good image can reduce your bounce rate and gain you new readership. This list of 20 image editing tools is going to help you create and edit new images for your blog.

Gimp is a free image editng tools

02. Each time you start a new blog posts you need relevant images. Most of the time you search Google to get images. Though this is unethical and not legal. You are violating the copyright rules, also making your blog post cheap.

I have a list of 10 sites from where you can get copyright free images. With the help of editing tools you can give them a retouch for your need.

How to do marketing for your blog

Admit it or not, every blogger is a marketer. Until you know how to market your blog content, you are not going to make profit from it. From sharing in your favorite social media to doing SEO, it’s all a part of marketing.

01. 4 Content Marketing Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid Making:  When marketing your blog content either we overdo it or put our content in-front of the wrong audience. It’s not like that every content of your blog will be a hit. But, following these rules will save a lot of your time and money.

02. Ways to Promote your Content in Social Media: There are hundreds of advises how you need to promote your content on social media. This one is very old. From 2011, but still has its charm. The more social media expose you get the better you rank. I really love the service of Network Publisher plugin. It saves a lot of time of yours while promoting content.

Another great service is Jetpack’s Socialize. You can automatically share your content in the social media after pushing the publish button.

03. How Do You Manage Your Blog Comment Section: Does it really have to do anything with promoting?

Yes, it does. Think it like creating a community that communicates within/through your own space. They agree or disagree with your posts then shares their opinions and this continues. When I read any new blog posts I always read the comments. This is the place where I learn most.

04. 21 Ways to Keep Blog Readers Coming Back for More: These are some solid points. Described many times in my blog and other marketing blogs. One lesson you will learn if you are a professional blogger that the returning visitors are the more profitable ones.

If you are creating an affiliate blog then you need your readers come back again and again. They are the majority ones that converts into sell.

After completing this list I shared, I am damn sure you will have a great idea of generating content and how to market it nicely.

I am ending this resources post with a good read from of Shout Me Loud: How Professional Blogging is Different from Hobby Blogging.

How Professional Blogging is Different from Hobby Blogging

This post specially will tell you if you are still a hobby blogger or becoming a professional one. Most of us come in blogging as a hobby blogger and if we stay longer we start to learn from our mistakes. We do better gradually.

Like as, I am still experimenting with my blogging ideas and the way I arrange my blog content in posts.

When you are a hobby blogger you can’t expect to earn from your blog. It needs time and consistency to earn from your blog. Harsh Agrawal described what are the basics of becoming a hobby blogger to a pro-blogger.

All the best guys, I hope this year you are going to learn new things and take your blogging to the next level.

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